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Artistic side profile of a person's head with a dissolving effect into floral elements and a smoky background, in muted colors.

Beautifully Dark, Haunting Photography Art by Leslie Ann O'dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell’s work seems to transcend all of that. Her photography and the art that she creates is – first and foremost – dark, haunting, and beautiful. So much so, that we didn’t even think about how she might have created her images.

Instead, it got us thinking about how much space we would need to clear on our wall so we can hang one of her prints. Leslie Ann O’Dell is a rare artist, obviously skilled, and seemingly uncompromising in her execution. And it’s that quality that prevents you from wanting to dissect her work; you just want to look at it and appreciate it.

Her photography and her digital workflow blend together so seamlessly that you don’t even ask which parts are digital and which parts came from her camera – and we mean that in the best way possible. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of Leslie Ann O’Dell’s work. In the meantime, check out her DeviantArt page and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’d like to get a limited edition print of Leslie Ann O’Dell’s work, please visit her Etsy store. image_01_leslie_ann_odell image_02_leslie_ann_odell image_03_leslie_ann_odell image_04_leslie_ann_odell image_05_leslie_ann_odell image_06_leslie_ann_odell image_07_leslie_ann_odell image_08_leslie_ann_odell image_09_leslie_ann_odell image_10_leslie_ann_odell

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