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Get Inspired and Get Hired: 17 Creative Resume Designs to Copy

Did you know that 73% of hiring managers say they’re more likely to interview a candidate with a visually appealing resume? Having a creative resume design is the key to helping you get your foot in the door and land that first interview.

Need inspiration?

We’ve created a list of 17 creative resume designs you can look at to get inspired! We’ll highlight one element that each resume does really well to help you craft the perfect resume and land the job.

Keep reading to learn more!

17 creative resume designs to inspire you

Get inspired by these creative and refreshing resume design examples and see what elements they do well:

1. Style

Example resume from a web designer

Up first on this list of creative resume examples, let’s look at this resume for a web designer. The style of this resume is a great example of how can you incorporate your career into the style of your resume — in this case, a web designer made all of their resume headings look like coding. It’s a unique way to help them stand out in a sea of applicants.

2. An objective statement or biography

tan resume from Laura Gutierrez

One of the most inspiring resume designs comes from Laura Gutierrez. There’s a lot that this resume does well, but one of the most important things it has is a biography section. Adding a biography or objective statement helps employers learn a little bit about you.

3. Sharing awards

Example navy blue and light gray resume

This is another example of a creative resume design that keeps it simple. Being creative can be as simple as knowing how to use colors, spacing, and design accents, like this resume. This example also makes a prominent space to share awards, which helps employers see what someone has achieved.

4. Highlighting your skills

Resume from Henry Goodman

This creative resume example does a great job of highlighting the skills on the resume through text and visual elements. The dots help to show how proficient that person is with those skills, which can help employers better understand their level of experience and expertise.

5. Fit the job


Robby Leonardi

Robby Leonardi has one of the most inspiring resume designs purely because of how creative it is. When you design your resume, you want it to fit the job.

This resume is one from a designer, making it an appropriate, creative, and eye-catching way to help employers learn about Leonardi.

6. Be original

Walter White's Resume

If you’re looking at creative resume examples, you likely want to get inspired and find ways to stand out from others applying to a job. Creating an original resume, like the one listed above, can help you stand out from a sea of people using the same templates.

7. Draw eyes to important information

Zhi Liang resume

You want potential employers to look at the important information on your resume, like your skills and experience. Like this creative resume example, you can draw them to that info by using color and graphics.

8. Give a timeline of experience

Nily resume example

Sharing a timeline of your experience shows potential employers what you’ve done in the past. This inspiring resume example took that a step further by creating an actual timeline to showcase their experience and education.

9. Put your personality in it

Gia Tran resume

Your resume provides a glimpse into your personality. This example above is one of the creative resume examples that showcases the person’s personality within the resume.

10. Choose color combinations that make sense

Han resume

Looking at these examples of creative resume designs will show you what color combinations work. In this example, you can see the applicant used a combination of colors that coordinate well together.

11. Make it easy to skim

Resume example from Anne Robertson

When you look at a bunch of creative resume designs, it’s easy to get occupied with the design elements and color choices. At the end of the day, you need a resume that’s easy for employers to skim and read. Using bullet points and headings, like the example above, help.

12. Try a friendly greeting

Resume using the word "hello" at the top

Depending upon the field you’re applying, you might have some wiggle room to make your resume a little more creative. One way to do that is to extend a friendly greeting, like “Hello,” at the top of your resume.

13. Make your name prominent

Aaron Walker resume example

Next up on this list of creative resume designs, you’ll see one that does a great job of making the name prominent. You want employers to remember you, so like this resume example, you’ll want to have your name stand out at the top of your resume.

14. Enhance your resume with icons

jordan creative resume design

Even if you don’t have design experience, you can use icons to help add a visual element that pops to your resume. Like the creative resume design above, using icons next to your experience and education sections can draw people to read your information.

15. Flip the layout

Ben Hughes resume example

Next up on this list of examples of creative resumes, let’s look at one that flips the layout. Many people opt to put information like their summary and skills in a box on the left side, but swapping the layout can give your resume a different look.

16. Keep it clean

Le Nguyen resume example

Having a clean resume is crucial to ensure that employers can read it. Like this creative resume example, you’ll want to leave enough space so people can read all the information on your resume with ease.

17.  Make it modern

Jennifer Smith resume

You want employers to see an updated resume. Having a modern design, like this example above, will indicate to employers that your resume is recent and updated.

18. Use blocks to sort information

Malkin Anderson resume example

Your resume needs to be easily readable for employers. Like this creative resume design, you can use blocks to help make your resume easily readable and categorize information.

10 elements to include to make your creative resume design shine

If you want to impress recruiters and land your dream job, follow these best practices for inspiring resume design:

1. Stand out with a bold header

First impressions count. Grab the attention of your future employer with a bold header that catches their attention and makes them want to read your resume. Make sure you include your name as part of this header, so recruiters remember you.

2. Prioritize readability

If a recruiter can’t read your resume, they’ll just ignore it. Did you know that 83% of recruiters are more likely to hire a candidate with a well-formatted resume? Take advantage of bullet points, blocks, and whitespace to make your resume easy to read.

3. Choose a style that fits your industry

Your resume style should align with the industry you work in. If you’re in a creative industry, like web design or art, you want your resume to reflect that colorful and creative industry. For someone in healthcare or law, a straightforward and clean resume is better.

4.  Use whitespace strategically

If you use a creative resume design, use white space to balance out the graphics and colors.

This prevents your skills and experience from getting lost between the graphics. Putting information in blocks, with whitespace surrounding it, can also help to create a scannable resume.

5. Choose the right font

Your font must be easy to read, understand, and appropriate for the job you are applying for. Consider using standard fonts like:

  • Times New Roman
  • Calibri
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Arial


6. Take a conversational approach to your bio

Your resume is a chance for you to show a little bit of your personality. By taking a more conversation approach with your biography/objectives to give recruiters a look into who you are.

So instead of saying:

 “To whom it may concern, I am a graphic designer with 10 years of experience in…”.

Try say something like:

“Hi there! It’s nice to meet you.

For over a decade, I have created inspiring designs…”

7. Put your most recent experience first

Add your most recent work experience first. This allows you to highlight your current expertise that meets the job requirements. It is also the first thing the recruiter will see.

8. Go minimalistic and modern

Less is more when you create your resume. Adding graphics gives you a chance to personalize your resume. However, a minimalistic template will give your resume a modern look without too much clutter.

9. Focus on ATS compatibility

Many hiring managers use applicant tracking software (ATS) to scan high volumes of resumes. This helps them find the most suitable candidates. To make your resume ATS compatible, add keywords from the job post to your resume.

This will help ATS match your skills and experience to the post

10. Create your own brand

When you create your own personal brand, it allows you to stand out from other candidates who have similar skills. By creating your own brand, you have an opportunity to market yourself to stand a better chance of getting hired.

5 pro tips for creating a resume for college grads

Are you a college grad trying to land your first job in your industry? Here are some pro tips for creating a resume to help you wow recruiters:

1. Outline your education and experiences

When you craft your resume, it’s important to outline your education and experience.  As you craft this information, consider questions like:

  • Did you knock out some credits in high school?
  • Did you graduate early?
  • How long have you been in your current role?
  • What years were you in a club? How long were you in a position for that club?

If any of these questions apply to your experience, you’ll want to include it in your resume.

Also, keep in mind that adding the dates of your experiences, like when you went to school and what years you worked, are important for recruiters to see.

Expert insights from webfx logo

Julie Gardner Talent Acquisition Coordinator

“Leaving out dates makes employers question your experience and educational background — if your resume leaves questions, answer them before the employer dismisses your resume.”

2. Include soft skills

When looking at the creative resume designs above, you’ll notice that most of them have a section dedicated to skills. It’s important that you list the skills you have for your industry position, but also personal, transferrable skills — known as soft skills.

Soft skills are things like:

  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

Including the soft skills that apply to you can be what helps you stand out from other candidates.

Expert insights from webfx logo

Julie Gardner Talent Acquisition Specialist

“[At WebFX] We’ve been emphasizing soft skills more because we can help with the hard skills necessary for success. Soft skills are those things you’re born with — those inherent characteristics that make you, you!”

3. Keep your resume to one page

To help you land the job, keep your resume to one page. Recruiters don’t want to have to flip through pages of your resume to get to know you. They may even skip over your resume for being too long.

If your resume is over a page, consider:

  • Reducing the font sizes
  • Decreasing the margins
  • Removing information that’s no longer relevant (High school clubs if you’ve graduated from college)

4. Opt for written content over graphics

As you saw with many of the creative resume designs above, many people opt to use design elements and graphics to enhance their resume. At the same time, many of those example resumes were for creative positions that help show off that person’s skills.

It’s best to opt for written content to avoid making your resume get bogged down with visuals. You can use a few graphics to enhance your resume, like icons, and add a little visual pop, but don’t use too many unless you’re in a field that requires a more visual resume.

5. Always use action verbs

Action verbs tell people exactly what you did in a position, club, or something similar. Action verbs are direct and sound more confident.

Imagine seeing something like this on a resume for someone who was a writing peer tutor:

  • Gave feedback on term papers for peers

These sentences don’t sound very confident about the skills or abilities. Instead, imagine seeing these statements:

  • Critiqued and evaluated term papers for peers to provide feedback

The second sentence sounds more assured and strong when sharing the tasks completed at this job.

Action verbs will help you sound more confident and assured on your resume.

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Expert insights from webfx logo

Julie Gardner Talent Acquisition Coordinator

“Leaving out dates makes employers question your experience and educational background — if your resume leaves questions, answer them before the employer dismisses your resume.”

Expert insights from webfx logo

Julie Gardner Talent Acquisition Specialist

“[At WebFX] We’ve been emphasizing soft skills more because we can help with the hard skills necessary for success. Soft skills are those things you’re born with — those inherent characteristics that make you, you!”