The Basics of Designing Web Page Layouts

One of the things web designers must master is how to lay out web pages. This subject, I’d say, lies somewhere between beginner topics (what the HTML elements are and how to style them with CSS) and more advanced web design subjects (like responsive design, using preprocessors, etc.). It’s difficult to design a website without knowing how to lay out web pages, and so it’s a fundamental skill would-be web designers must learn.

Learn CSS Layout is a concise tutorial that will walk you through all the things you should know when crafting web page layouts. The tutorial starts from basic CSS layouts, all the way up to Flexbox (a way of creating adaptive layouts). There are a total of 19 CSS-layout-related subjects covered on this tutorial.

If you’re still on your journey towards learning how to make websites, the Learn CSS Layout tutorial will quickly find itself becoming a valuable resource to you. Learn CSS Layout

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