Dropr Makes It Easy to Create and Launch Your Online Portfolio

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Dropr is a hosted portfolio service, sort-of-like-a social network, and (starting on May 9) also an online store all rolled into one beautiful and ridiculously easy-to-use platform.

File types supported

One of Dropr’s outstanding features is the vast number of file formats it supports.

So it’s not your typical portfolio hosting service that can only host images; you can also upload your music, videos, CGI artwork and, heck, even your .txt files if you really wanted to.

The ability of Dropr to support various file types makes it a versatile platform that all types of creative professionals can use.


Dropr’s “STRAW” algorithm is a recommendation engine that helps you find creative professionals similar to you that you can connect with. STRAW stands for System That Relates Artists & Work.

Sell your artwork

On May 9 Dropr is dropping a new feature they’re calling “Simple Art Sales” that will allow users to sell their artwork directly from within their portfolios.

Here’s a sneak peek of Simple Art Sales:

Seller UI

Buyer UI

Buyer payment UI

When you sell your artwork on their platform, Dropr takes a cut: 10% commission.

UI design

The user interface of Dropr is excellent.

Here’s a shot of the dashboard:

Here’s a preview of the dashboard on various devices:

Examples of Dropr websites

Steve Simpson Illustration


Antti Uotila

Drop operates on a freemium subscription model.

This means it’s free to get started with Dropr, but the free subscription is limited in terms of the amount of uploads you can perform and doesn’t have some of the features of the paid subscription plan. What I would do is upgrade from the free subscription only when I find a need for the premium features.

Dropr is a London-based Internet startup. It was founded by Matt Cyrankiewicz and Noel Lynagh, multimedia graduates who cut their teeth in the online-portfolio-hosting game through freelancing and creating portfolio sites for bands and artists.