Elsewhere on the Web: Rich-Text Editors

Besides Six Revisions, I also write for other design, development, and technology related publications. It just occurred to me that it’d be useful to notify the readers of Six Revisions about articles I write for other sites in case you wanted to subject yourself to the torture of reading (even more) of my articles.

Starting today, I’ll be publishing Elsewhere on the Web, which will be short posts about articles I wrote somewhere else.

Today, Webdesigner Depot, a site focused on exploring various web and graphic design techniques, examples, and best practices for web designers, published “20 Excellent Free Rich-Text Editors“.

The article is a collection of some of the best rich-text editors (also known as online rich-text editors or online WYSIWYG editors). Rich-text editors can be used in various ways, such as adding a user option for inputting formatted text in an HTML textarea or editing certain parts of a web page.

I hope you enjoy the article!