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Excellent Edge Printed Business Cards

For those who don’t know what edge painting or edge printing is, it is a process in which a thick card stock (usually 400 GSM or above) has its edges printed or painted a certain color. The result is often very striking and screams of an attention to detail rarely given to these small pieces of paper. We’ve also included some examples of duplexed and triplexed cards which are cards that are made up of 2 or 3 different pieces of card stock laminated together to form a very thick card stock.

When different colored papers are used, the result is a striking colored edge as well. From our own experience, the best edge-painted business cards tend to have a monochromatic color scheme with an unexpected splash of color for the edges. It is a very subtle design choice but one that really makes a very strong statement.

We’ve also found that keeping the card design minimal will immediately draw the eye to the edges of your business card allowing the recipient a chance to appreciate that extra attention to detail. We’ve found some excellent examples of great edge painted business cards to inspire you on your next design. image_01_edgepaint image_02_edgepaint image_03_edgepaint image_06_edgepaint image_07_edgepaint image_08_edgepaint OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA image_10_edgepaint image_10a_edgepaint image_11_edgepaint image_13_edgepaint image_14_edgepaint image_15_edgepaint image_16_edgepaint image_17_edgepaint image_18_edgepaint image_19_edgepaint image_20_edgepaint image_21_edgepaint image_22_edgepaint image_23_edgepaint image_24_edgepaint image_26_edgepaint image_27_edgepaint image_28_edgepaint image_29_edgepaint image_30_edgepaint image_31_edgepaint image_32_edgepaint image_33_edgepaint image_34_edgepaint   Be warned, however, that these types of cards don’t come cheap.

With thick card stocks and often a very customized order necessary, the printing costs can and will add up. For some of you though, the investment might just be worth it! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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