Exceptional Vistas Captured on Google Earth

Photography has always been about having a vision, first and foremost. The camera is merely a tool one uses to achieve that vision.

Meike Nixdorf,the photographer behind the project “Your Earth Transforms, in fact uses images from satellites orbiting the Earth to capture some of the world’s most renowned mountain ranges from a very different perspective.

The project aims to capture the effects of the earth’s weathering and erosion at a certain point in time with the knowledge that the world is always changing and is always in a state of flux and may never be the same again.

According to Meike Nixdorf, “Your Earth Transforms” aims to show “the beauty the earth’s forces created and are still creating and the invisible transformations within the earth’s crust.”

Check out some of the images she’s created below and make sure to visit her portfolio to see more of her work.

Your Earth Transforms by Meike Nixdorf






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