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Artistic illustration of a figure in traditional Japanese attire, featuring a kabuki mask with red and white face paint, a detailed samurai helmet with horns, and holding a katana hilt, set against a bold red circle background.
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Fantastic Illustrator Portfolios That Are Sure to Inspire: March 2015

There’s something about the process of putting pencil to paper and letting one’s hand fill a blank space with nothing but imagination. It definitely gets our blood pumping here at Design Instruct. Illustration is something we’re passionate about and we hope you check out these amazing artists’ portfolios for some inspiration on your next project.

Peony Yip

Queen_Bee_Final image_02_peony_yip  

Danny O’Connor

image_03_danny_oconnor image_04_danny_oconnor  

Oriol Angrill Jorda

image_05_oriol image_06_oriol  

Ed Fairburn

image_07_ed_fairburn image_08_ed_fairburn  

Henrietta Harris

image_09_henrietta_harris image_10_henrietta_harris  

Gabriel Moreno

image_11_gabriel_moreno image_12_gabriel_moreno  

Nevena Katalina

image_13_nevenina Basic CMYK  

AJ Frena

image_15_aj_frena image_16_aj_frena  

Dasha Pliska

image_17_dasha_pliska image_18_dasha_pliska  


image_19_kittozutto image_20_kittozutto

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