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Typographic sample showing different text sizes and styles for a web magazine called Design Instruct, including a large headline, normal and large body text, and a small headline against a red-brown background.

Font Collection: 10 Free Bold and Beautiful Script Fonts

1. Lobster

To make the perfect bridges between letters, Argentinean type designer and web developer Pablo Impallari drew various versions of each letter and letter-pairs (ligatures).


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2. Louisianne Black

This interesting bold script font by Dieter Steffmann, a professionally trained typesetter, appears almost retro in aesthetics.

Louisianne Black

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3. Wrexham Script

Wrexham Script by Roger White, who scans text from original artwork and digitally remasters them, produced this strong script font.

Wrexham Script

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4. Marketing Script

The Marketing Script font designed by Dieter Steffmann looks professional, yet friendly and approachable at the same time.

Marketing Script

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5. Ballpark

By Mickey Rossi, Ballpark is an expressive script font that’s perfect for when you want to display an energetic narrative.


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6. QuigleyWiggly

This beautiful script font is created by Nick’s Fonts–a modest foundry by Nick Curtis with a mission to preserve typographic heritage from eras such as the Wild West and the Jazz Age.


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7. Holla Script

The Holla Script font by Dieter Steffmann has an organic look-and-feel, perhaps because of its calligraphic-like serifs.

Holla Script

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8. Black Rose

The name of this font may have been derived from its bold letters that have serifs that are thorny, just like roses.

Black Rose

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9. Forelle

Another creation by Dieter Steffmann, Forelle is a compact and dense script font that’s elegant and versatile.


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10. Creampuff

In 1999, Nick’s Fonts created Creampuff, a very bold script font that feels retro in appearance.


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