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Free Download: Blu-ray Ripper and iTunes Cleaner Apps

Free Download: Blu-ray Ripper and iTunes Cleaner Apps

About the Free Apps

Here’s a little bit of info about the two free Leawo apps.

Blu-ray Ripper

The Blu-ray Ripper app is a professional-grade tool for backing up your Blu-ray discs to your hard drive. The tool allows you to back up in many formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, and much more. You will also get detailed control over the output file’s settings, such as being able to specify its frame rate and aspect ratio.

Tunes Cleaner

The Tunes Cleaner app gives you the ability to keep your iTunes multimedia collection well-maintained.

Tunes Cleaner helps you detect duplicate songs, movies, etc. to save you valuable hard drive storage space. It’s also a great utility tool for editing file meta info such as the song name, artist, album artwork, and so forth.

How to Download and Get the Free Leawo Software

Follow these steps to get your free Leowo software.

Step 1

Go to the Leawo 2013 Christmas Offer web page.

Step 2

Choose whether you’d like to get the Windows version or Mac version of the Leawo Blu-ray Ripper or Leawo Tunes Cleaner.

Step 3

Click on the “Get Keycode Now” button for the software you wish to download.

Provide a valid email address and then click on the “Get Keycode Now” button to the right of the email input box.

Step 4

Check your email inbox for your Leawo email. Take note of your Registration code. Click on the Download URL link to begin downloading your software.

Step 5

Once you’ve finished downloading, install the software.

After you’ve installed, launch it.

Click on the “key” icon at the top-right of the app’s user interface.

Enter the Registration code you got in the email. Then just click the Register button.

You’re good to go!

The registration code allows you full use of the software for 1 year.

Other Christmas Deals and Discounts from Leawo

Besides the two free software downloads, they also have other holiday deals, discounts and exclusives going on during the Leawo 2013 Christmas Offer.


For instance, they have a Holiday Bundle worth $164 dollars that they’ve reduced to $79.95 — an $85-discount off the total retail price.

Lifetime Licenses Deal

Normally, buying the Blu-ray Ripper lifetime license costs $44.95, while Tunes Cleaner is normally $39.99. But during the Leawo 2013 Christmas Offer period, these prices have been lowered to $19.95 and $14.95 respectively.

Discount Code

This is all the way at the bottom of the Leawo 2013 Christmas Offer web page, so you might miss it.

It’s worth noting that you can get yourself 15% off on any of their products by using the following code during your checkout process:


It really looks like Leawo went all out this holiday season!

Visit the Leawo 2013 Christmas Offer web page to see all of their special discounts, giveaways and deals.

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