10 Beautiful and Free Humanist Sans Serif Fonts

1. Open Sans

By Ascender Fonts Open Sans

Download Page

2. Telex ht

By Andrés Torresi (Huerta Tipográfica) Telex ht

Download Page

3. Belleza

By Eduardo Tunni Belleza

Download Page

4. Cantarell

By Dave Crossland Cantarell

Download Page

5. Latin Modern Sans

By e-foundry Latin Modern Sans

Download Page

6. Aller

By Dalton Maag Aller

Download Page

7. Tenor Sans

By Denis Masharov Tenor Sans

Download Page

8. Cabin

By Pablo Impallari Cabin

Download Page

9. Allerta

By Matt McInerney Allerta

Download Page

10. Pigiarniq

By Tiro Typeworks Pigiarniq

Download Page

Want to learn more about humanist fonts? Check out the article “History of typography: Humanist” at the I love typography blog.

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