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Rugged rocks in the foreground with a small pool of water, overlooking a tropical beach with sparkling turquoise waters, white sand, lush greenery, and boats in the distance under a sunny sky.

Free Lightroom Presets For Spring Photography

Spring is here and no doubt many people will venture out into the great outdoors, taking photos along the way. These free Photoshop Lightroom presets are perfect for adding a fresh and clean aesthetic to your photos. The Blues Boy preset de-saturates the colors of your photo while also adding some contrast to give a crisp, cool look.

The Old Goldie preset is great for conveying the warmth of spring time and the coming summer months. It gives a great classic, vintage look to your photos. These presets were made by the friendly folks at exclusively for Design Instruct readers.



Original iPhone 5 Photo

image_deliciouspresets_01Original photo taken with an iPhone 5. Unedited. Cropped for composition.

Blues Boy Preset

image_deliciouspresets_02The Blues Boy preset de-saturates your photo’s colors while also adding some contrast to give a modern, clean look.

Old Goldie Preset

image_deliciouspresets_03The Old Goldie preset gives photos a warm vintage film look.

How to Use these Lightroom Presets

  1. In the Develop module of Lightroom, locate your Preset panel. (By default, it can be seen on the left side of your screen.)
  2. Right-click on User Presets in the Preset panel. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Select the preset you want to install and click Import.
  5. Your downloaded preset should now appear in your Presets panel.
  6. To apply a preset to a photo, select one or more of your photos in the Filmstrip, then click on the preset you want to apply.
  7. Enjoy.


You can use this freebie for both personal and commercial use as part of your projects. But you can’t distribute or sell the PSD file.

See Design Instruct’s freebie usage terms if you need more details.

Download Free Lightroom Presets For Spring Photography

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