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7 Best Coding Fonts to Enhance Your Programming Experience

Coding fonts are an important part of the coding process. The right font will make scanning and writing hundreds of lines of code easier. Your eyes struggle to focus on the same typeface and small letters of default coding fonts.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with everything you’ve worked on, you feel you’re straining your eyes or just need something different to look at, then try changing things up with the right coding fonts.

What are coding fonts

Coding fonts are designed specifically for coding and use in programming. They make the process easier to follow, saving you time by helping you keep track of what you have done and are doing. These fonts are made with readability in mind and offer a better experience than default system fonts are designed for.

When coding in fonts outside of the defaults there are a number of factors you need to look out for and consider when choosing the right one to work with. These are some helpful tips:

  • Recognizability: If you take a quick glance, can you spot the difference between other numbers and letters that look similar? Being able to tell the difference between 0 and O is very important when programming. Another example to test out is I, 1 and l.
  • Look at the ligature: The ligature of a font refers to the joining of letters when placed together. This might sound like a minor point to focus on, but reviewing coding fonts with ligatures before deciding to use them for an entire project is important.
  • Monospacing: A monospaced font, also known as a fixed-pitch or non-proportional font, is when every font’s character is designed to take up the same amount of horizontal space. They are best suited and often made specifically for coding.

Free coding fonts for better programming

If you are interested in finding new coding fonts to work with, we recommend some of the best available to you.

Cascadia Code

Cascadia Code is the default coding font for Visual Studio and the Windows Terminal. It comes with an italic, cursive and mono variant. The mono version has no ligatures, making it work for coding purposes due to its simplicity. Cascadia Code also supports the embedding of Powerline symbols.

Fira Code

Fira code is trusted by many programmers and the best part is that you can get this coding font for free. Fira code is a monospace font with specially designed ligatures for coding. The numbers and letters of this font are easy to read, are appealing to look at and their colors can be customized easily.

The ligature of this font is especially useful when using multi-symbol character sequences when creating operators and tags. It’s simple and can enhance the experience of all the code you include on the command line.


Gintronic was made to be a “fun” coding font. This means it’s well-designed both aesthetically and functionally. Programming can look great when using the right font and Gintronic embodies this philosophy entirely. There are six varying styles each with italic sets. Gintronic supports various symbols and other languages making it a universal font that everyone can enjoy using and looking at.

JetBrains Mono

JetBrains Mono focuses on its lettering. Elements like letter height, point size, weight size, kerning and other aspects are what JetBrains Mono coding font prioritizes. The letter O is rectangular, while 0 is round, making it easy to tell them apart. This also makes O more consistent with the other letters in the font.

There are a number of quality-of-life changes to this font that make it a must-have. There are hundreds of ligature variants that you can use to customize the font to your preferences and it is compatible with pretty much any programming language.

DejaVu Sans Mono


DejaVu Sans Mono is a part of a font family with a large typeface. This one prioritizes symbols, letters and numbers that a majority of programmers struggle with, making it one of the most user-friendly and most popular coding fonts available.


Monolisa is a monospaced coding font made to look great and reduce eye strain. If you get tired when coding for a long time, then Monolisa might be exactly what you need. It was designed with readability in mind and includes Powerline symbol support. It is compatible with over 200 languages, and multiple ligatures and its other features can be disabled to suit your needs and preferences.

Source Code Pro


Source Code Pro is a programming font created by Adobe, which has released multiple open-source fonts within the Source Sans umbrella. Source Code Pro is monospaced and was explicitly designed for UI. The regular font weighting still works for a wide variety of programming applications. 

Source Sans shares many similarities with Source Sans; a few differences make it better for coding—for example, the dotted zeros and the modifications made to the i, j and l letters.

Final thoughts on choosing your best font for coding

When it comes to optimizing coding, every little bit helps. Ensuring the programmer can work comfortably and maintain focus is essential to doing the job well. While coding font might sound like a minor or trivial point, it serves an important purpose and finding the right one is a decision that needs to be researched.

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