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Four promotional download buttons for mobile apps. Top left: Orange 'Now Available in the Apps Store' with phone icon. Top right: Green 'Now Available on Android Market' with Android robot icon. Bottom left: Blue 'Download Version 1.7' with cloud icon and '3.4 MB'. Bottom right: Red 'Download' with paper airplane icon and 'You Know You Want To!' text.

Free PSD UI Kit: Super Buttons

Free PSD UI Kit: Super Buttons

This beautiful free PSD UI kit is an assorted combination of big app and social media buttons that you can use in your user interface designs.

But wait! There’s more! This UI kit also comes with an editable e-book cover graphic template, hand-sketched arrows, and calls-to-action text.


This free PSD UI kit is by Josh Katherman, the founder of ThemesEngine.

The design motivation for this UI kit was initially to create slightly 3D app buttons.

As the design process progressed, the kit gravitated towards becoming huge, epic buttons and incorporated social media/engagement buttons, as well as other extra graphic assets.



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