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GIMP Tutorials: 23 Videos to Help You Learn the GIMP Basics

GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a very powerful open-source design tool that rivals Adobe Photoshop, and we’ve compiled some GIMP tutorials to help you understand the basics. Open-source Photoshop alternatives like GIMP are great not only because they’re free, but because of the helpful community that typically surrounds them. Using GIMP is a perfect strategy for enhancing your images and making your site stand out.

One of the quickest ways to pick up new skills for GIMP is by watching GIMP video tutorials. With that in mind, we’ve collected 23 awesome GIMP video tutorials geared to get you started, get you familiarized, and get you inspired.

Note: Some GIMP tutorials in this list are vintage, but they still offer some helpful advice for using the program. If you’re intrigued enough to try out GIMP after watching some of these videos, you can grab GIMP from their download page.

GIMP basics tutorials

1. Learn GIMP basics

This GIMP beginner tutorial covers the basic principles of using the design application.

2. Customize the GIMP user interface

GIMP allows users to create a custom interface based on their preferences. This tutorial video covers how to adjust your GIMP theme and other elements for the best possible user experience.

GIMP video tutorials for photo enhancement and manipulation

3. Give photos a vintage look

This GIMP video tutorial lays out the basics for making images look vintage with the program.

4. Make your images stand out with selective colorization

Using color strategically can help draw attention to different parts of your designs. This tutorial shows you how to change parts of an image into grayscale while leaving color on another part, a technique known as “selective colorization.”

5. Add texture to a subject’s face

The creator of this GIMP beginner tutorial shows you how to add a cracked face effect to photos.

6. Use GIMP curves to improve contrast

The Curves tool is essential for making both major and minor contrast edits to images. This Curves tutorial video shows you how to use GIMP to easily edit and enhance the color contrast of digital images.

7. Eliminate blemishes with ease

The Healing Tool can help you cover up blemishes on your subject, and using it is quick and easy. This GIMP basics video goes over how to use the Healing Tool in 2 minutes.

8. Create a long exposure image without extra tools

You don’t need a fancy camera or an ND filter to create a long exposure image. In this GIMP tutorial, you’ll learn how to blend together multiple images for a long exposure shot.

9. Make your photos look like sketches

This tutorial shows you a speedy way to create a sketch effect on digital photos by using blend modes and a variety of other GIMP features.

10. Create a smooth finish with blur and masking

This GIMP basics video gives you an excellent introduction to Selective Gaussian Blur and masking.

11. Improve night shots using curves

With this tutorial, learn how to use the Curves tool to digitally enhance night shots.

12. Turn a digital photo into Polaroid

This short tutorial outlines the steps for making your images look like Polaroids.

13. Add some flare with a lens flare

This simple tutorial shows you how to add a lens flare to spice up your images in GIMP.

14. Transform a photo into Pop Art

Learn how to mimic a Pop Art style with this vintage GIMP tutorial.

15. Create a 3D pop-out effect

You can make subjects seem like they’re popping out of a Polaroid picture using this tutorial.

16. Remove a background from an image

This GIMP beginner tutorial is a basic demonstration on how to remove the background of an image.

17. Move up to semi-advanced photo manipulation

This tutorial video shows a few intermediate to advanced GIMP photo manipulation techniques.

18. Switch up your subject’s hair color

This GIMP video tutorial will show you how to use the Path tool to edit hair color easily in a photo.

19. Recolor your subject’s eyes

This is another demonstration of how to use the Path tool to alter an image’s color, this time focused on eye color.

GIMP beginner tutorials for lettering and graphics creation

20. Design transparent glass lettering

Learn how to create a glossy/glassy lettering effect using only GIMP.

21. Create a 3D web browser

Check out this video tutorial on replicating a popular 3D browser effect using GIMP.

22. Add realistic water droplets to nature photos

This GIMP video tutorial shows you how to make an almost photo-realistic water droplet.

23. Add fire effects to your images

Learn to create flames from scratch with this vintage video.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of GIMP tutorials! There are likely hundreds or even thousands more online, so don’t hesitate to keep searching and practicing.

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