Save the World with Your Hex Color Code Knowledge

Hex Invaders It’s a tough — and very addicting — game. What does #000000 actually mean? How does #FF0000 end up being red, or #008000 dark-green?

Hex Invaders will help you make sense of the hexadecimal color notation. Even if you don’t like video games, Hex Invaders has one of the best and most concise explainers on the hexadecimal color notation I’ve read. The illustrated hex color notation explainer is worth the trip to the Hex Invaders site, even if you don’t end up playing the game.

Hex Invaders Hex Invaders Note: The Hex Invaders website automatically plays music — and it’s jarring if you don’t expect it — so if you’re wearing headphones or working in an open office space, it’s best to lower your audio’s volume before clicking on the link below: Hex Invaders

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