How You Became A Master Online Copywriter in 5th Grade

Xander Outlining in 5th Grade
Me outlining in 5th grade

Everybody remembers 5th grade.

My teacher was Mrs. Gunning at St Joseph Elementary in Dallastown, PA. She loved outlining.

We outlined everything. Our science books, our history books, sometimes even our math books. She couldn’t get enough of it!

“When am I ever going to use this?” I grumbled as I scribbled roman numeral after roman numeral in my marble notebook.

It turns out that a search-engine-optimized web page is set up exactly like a 5th grade textbook outline.

And if you arrange your pages using this template, Google will understand your content more easily and you’ll boost your rankings.

Outlines and HTML

If you don’t know how webpages are laid out, just right click on this page and select “View Source”.

You’ll notice that there are tags before and after all the text on this page. The <p> tag denotes a paragraph, <h1> means a first-level header, etc.

These tags are pretty much the same as the good old roman numerals, letters and numbers from 5th grade.

To illustrate this point I organized some fictional information about “widgets” in both old-school outline and HTML form.

Here’s the grade-school outline:

I. Widgets

A. What are widgets

1. Small

2. Fast

3. Some consider them fun

B. Cost

1. High end

a. $200

2. Average

a. $100

3. Budget:

a. $50

C. Widget companies

1. Carlisle Widget Company

2. East Coast Widgets

3. Widgets of North America

And here’s that same information presented as HTML:

<h1>All About Widgets</h1>

<h2>What are widgets?</h2>

<p>Paragraph about them being small</p>

<p>Paragraph about them being fun</p>

<p>Paragraph about them being fast</p>

<h2>How much do widgets cost?</h2>

<p>Paragraph about great widgets: $200</p>

<p>Paragraph about average widgets: $100</p>

<p>Paragraph about basic widgets: $50</p>

<h2>Where can I buy widgets?</h2>

<p>Paragraph about Carlisle Widget Company</p>

<p>Paragraph about East Coast Widgets</p>

<p>Paragraph about Widgets of North America</p>

<h2>Contact us to buy widgets!</h2>

See the similarities?

So now, the next time you have to write some content for the web, think about the grade-school outline format and the process will go alot easier.

Thanks to your 5th grade teacher you already know the best way to write webpages.

Give her a call and thank her!

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