The Incredible Small Drawings of Taylor Mazer

Taylor Mazer chooses to work in a somewhat smaller scale than what most artists are drawn to. His drawings are hyper detailed, atmospheric, and his “Small Drawings” series are done on no more than a few square inches of paper. Often depicting quiet and seemingly mundane scenes, Taylor’s illustrations come alive when you look more closely and experience his drawings in a more intimate fashion.

You get drawn into the scene and you want to keep examining them as though there’s something hidden within them. Perhaps there is. Check out some of his work below.

More at Taylor’s portfolio. image_01_taylor_mazer image_02_taylor_mazer image_03_taylor_mazer image_04_taylor_mazer image_05_taylor_mazer image_06_taylor_mazer image_07_taylor_mazer image_08_taylor_mazer image_09_taylor_mazer image_10_taylor_mazer Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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