The Incredibly Skilled Seb Lester Hand Draws Famous Logos

The Incredibly Skilled Seb Lester Hand Draws Famous Logos

Seb Lester, a designer and artist based in England, has been designing typefaces and type illustrations for some high-profile clients like Nike, Apple, and The New York Times for years. Relatively recently, Seb Lester found a love for calligraphy and applied his knowledge and expertise to take the art to new levels. He is now one of the world’s most renowned calligraphers with a huge following on social media.

Calligraphy, FTW! We thought we’d give him some love at Design Instruct because, well, the man is really one of the best at what he does and we love sharing work from artists like himself. Check out his video below to witness his magic at work.

For more of Seb’s work, be sure to follow his Instagram where he regularly posts new work. Also, visit his website where you can get some limited edition prints. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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