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Screenshot of the Type Connection website featuring a typographic dating game with the tagline 'Life’s too short to live alone. Choose a main character to match.' Five panels display stylized letters 'e', 'g', 'k', 's', 'x' from different typefaces, each with a descriptive phrase, and navigation links at the top.

Learning the Art and Science of Combining Fonts

If you want to improve your font-pairing skills, check out this interactive game called Type Connection. The game will give you tips and ideas for combining fonts.

Type Connection

The strategies Type Connection uses for typeface-pairing are:

  1. “Rely on family”: For harmonious font combinations, you can look at other family members of the typeface because they’re often designed by the same people.
  2. “Seek the similar”: Choosing fonts that look similar gives your typography good stability and consistency.
  3. “Embrace each other”: Modify a font’s weight, size, scale, and other attributes to help you divide your text and to create contrast in your typography. But don’t overdo it because too many variants can be distracting and confusing.
  4. “Explore the past”: Learn the history and genesis of the fonts you would like to use. This can help you discover other fonts that go well together.

The site also has a section displaying examples of font combinations that can give you some font-pairing ideas and inspiration.

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