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Photographers computer with photo edit programs.

Master Manipulators: 40 Stunning Image Manipulations

Christophe Huet

French digital artist, Christophe Huet is truly a master of manipulation. His work is fascinating and his clients include Nike, Motorola and the Surfrider Foundation. If you go to his website, be prepared to spend quite a bit of time there.

ChristopheHuet01 ChristopheHuet02 ChristopheHuet03 ChristopheHuet04 ChristopheHuet05

Jill Greenberg

Jill Greenberg is a somewhat controversial photographer and digital artist. Her photographs have appeared on the cover of Time, Newsweek and her artwork has appeared in the New Yorker and Harpers. Her most widely recognised work is a series of photographs called “End Times from 2006” that featured close-ups of children’s faces in various states of distress.

In 2008, she manipulated photographs of John McCain for her website. The photographs were taken in such a way as to depict McCain in a sinister light and were generally received with a mixture of disgust and ire from photographers. JillGreenberg01 JillGreenberg02 JillGreenberg03 JillGreenberg04 JillGreenberg06 JillGreenberg05

Retouching Deluxe

Retouching Deluxe is a German studio specializing in photo-retouching and image manipulation.

The three-member team has an impressive list of clients, which include Reebok, Swatch, Deutsche Bank and AOL. PhotoDeluxe01 PhotoDeluxe02 PhotoDeluxe03 PhotoDeluxe04 PhotoDeluxe05

Clive Biley

London-based Clive Biley has been working in the retouching business since 1990. His work includes photo manipulation, 3D and CGI. Clients include Adidas, HSBC, Renault and More4 Television. ClivweBiley01 ClivweBiley02 ClivweBiley03 ClivweBiley04 ClivweBiley05

Jan Oliehoek

Jan Oliehoek, a Dutch digital artist, started his career in image manipulation as many photo manipulators have, by getting involved in contests on the Worth1000 website.

His work is full of humour and surprises and frequently features animals in unusual scenarios. jan01 jan02 jan03 jan04 jan05

C J Burton

C J Burton is a photographer and digital artist based in LA. Clients include Time magazine, Newsweek, Esquire and Subway.

CJBurton01 CJBurton02 CJBurton03 CJBurton04 CJBurton05

Erik Johannson

Erik Johannson is a Swedish photographer and student. His work has become well recognised on the web in the past couple of years, thanks to the inventiveness and humour in his image manipulations. ErikJohannson01 ErikJohannson02 ErikJohannson03 ErikJohannson04 ErikJohannson05

Koen Demuynck

Koen Demuynck is a Belgian photographer and image manipulator.

koen01 koen02 koen03 koen04 koen05

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