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What it Means to be a Modern Designer

Michael Bierut, a partner at world-renowned design firm, Pentagram Design, has over 30 years of experience and was mentored by one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Massimo Vignelli. He has a very unique perspective on the world of design having seen it evolve along with the internet at an incredible pace the last 3 decades. He shares some of his insights on design in a video by The Creative Influence below.

On Massimo Vignelli and the New York Subway System:

“Massimo understood that every assignment like that, had within it, the opportunity to do something of consequence.”

On the Internet:

“Internet has changed the way we do design work. You have the option to sort of drown yourself in influence.”

On logo design:

“What people don’t understand –  and I think some designers don’t understand — I think to a certain degree, designers only make a vessel to hold things; that have to kind of be filled in over time.”

” The challenge with logo design, if you want to make something that endures, you almost have to err on the side of simplicity. And that takes an enormous amount of confidence.”