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Google’s Redesigned Identity Gets it Right

Last night, as I was doing my nightly run around the internet, I noticed Google’s new logo in a favicon of a new tab I had just opened.

“That’s not a Google tab,” I thought. What is that?!

So I clicked on the tab and low and behold, it was indeed a Google results page but the Google logo on the top left was very different. At first, I thought it was just another Google doodle so I clicked it to see what it was all about.

Exceptional Vistas Captured on Google Earth

Photography has always been about having a vision, first and foremost. The camera is merely a tool one uses to achieve that vision.

Meike Nixdorf,the photographer behind the project “Your Earth Transforms, in fact uses images from satellites orbiting the Earth to capture some of the world’s most renowned mountain ranges from a very different perspective.

The project aims to capture the effects of the earth’s weathering and erosion at a certain point in time with the knowledge that the world is always changing and is always in a state of flux and may never be the same again.

50 Restaurant Websites for Inspiration

With over 1 million restaurant locations to choose from, how do you ensure yours stands out? You create an effective website that draws people in.

Designing a worthwhile website for a restaurant entails more than vibrant colors and pictures of food. When a website is designed successfully it is easy for customers to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and includes key details such as location, menu, hours, etc.

Watch Artists’ Creative Process in Real-Time at

Sywork– short for Show Your Work — is a new sharing platform which allows illustrators and creatives to show off their work as it is being created.

The really exciting thing about is the fact that it was created specifically for artists and creatives enabling them to share their process with a community of like-minded and passionate individuals. There’s a real potential for learning and collaboration and we can’t wait to see what the community comes up with.

While it can be argued that the mystery surrounding an artist’s creative process can add value (i.e. mystique, awe, or “how did that happen?!!?”) to their work, allowing others to get a glimpse of how it’s done can also be just as valuable.

Zero UI — The Future of Interfaces

Are we in the era of Zero UI? Not quite, but we’re getting close.

Zero UI is the concept of removing the barrier between user and device, and having a more seamless interaction with technology.

Industry advancements are moving towards not only more intuitive and integrated pieces of tech, but also an environment that creates less disconnect from our world, providing authentic, meaningful interactive spaces.

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