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7 Incredibly Useful Tools for Evaluating a Web Design

Web Design

An effective web design is one in which your users are able to find information quickly and logically. Do they visit the content you want them to visit? Are they looking in the right places of your web page? Are […]

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Awesome Things That Firefox’s Web Developer Extension Can Do

Web Design

Chris Pederick's Web Developer extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the best tools in a web developer's arsenal. About a couple of months ago, I wrote an article about it entitled "9 Practical Ways to Enhance your […]

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40 Excellent Resources for JavaScript Coders

Web Design

Are you an advanced JavaScript coder looking for more sites to sharpen your coding prowess? Maybe you're a web designer wanting to double as a developer (or at least know enough to add a bit of rich content into your […]

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35 Beautiful Bright, Colorful Web Designs

Web Design

Here's 35 examples of bright, vibrant web designs to inspire you on your next project. The skillfull use of colors is a talent that all designers should possess. When used excessively, a design can look scattered, "rainbow-like", and distracting. When […]

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Web Design

15 Helpful WordPress Plugins for the Savvy User

This article presents 15 WordPress plugins to help enhance and simplify the blogging experience of advanced users, especially web developers and designers. Most of the plugins were tested on a default installation of WordPress version 2.3.1 for basic functionality; relevant […]

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How to Create an Effective Web Design Questionnaire

Web Design

The internet has given the web professional a plethora of venues for seeking project-based work. With lots of places offering freelance gigs such as allfreelance.com, classified listing sites such as craigslist , and job boards on popular weblogs such as […]

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10 JavaScript Effects to Boost Your Website’s Fanciness Factor

Web Design

There comes a point in time where we want to improve our website's interface or provide a captivating experience that our users will remember. We have three main options (from hardest to easiest): write the scripts ourselves, use a JavaScript […]

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20 Websites That Made Me a Better Web Developer

Web Design

As a web developer, if you're to be successful, you have to have a constant yearning for learning new things. In an industry that evolves rapidly, you've got to keep up or you risk being obsolete and outdated. Keeping up […]

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CMS Showcase: 31 Remarkable Drupal Powered Websites

Web Design

For those scratching their heads wondering what Drupal is, it's an open-source (i.e. free) content management system that's flexible and feature-packed. Over the last couple of years or so, it's taken off as the go-to platform to run websites that […]

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manage feature creep
Web Design

Eight Tips on How to Manage Feature Creep

Feature creep, also known as scope or requirement creep, refers to unforeseen requests for additions and changes that are outside the project scope. It typically happens due to inadequate requirements gathering, poor initial planning, and an unclear protocol for change […]

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