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20 Attractive Websites That Make Background Patterns Work

Web Design

When you mention patterned/tiled backgrounds, people immediately think of horrid MySpace pages and web designs circa-1990’s. It is therefore a worthy achievement when an artist is able to use this technique to make a website look stunning and attractive. An […]

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9 Practical Ways to Enhance Your Web Development Using the Firefox Web Developer Extension

Web Design

Whether you're a front-end graphics designer or a back-end web programmer, if you've worked long enough in the field of creating web-based solutions, you've no doubt heard about an extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser called (simply enough) the […]

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6 Things You Need for Your Web Project to Succeed

Web Design

Being at an age where I'm just beginning to carve my path in the real world, I tend to have many peers and co-workers who constantly think about making an income besides sitting in front of the computer eight to […]

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RSS News Feed Maker

Web Design

While building out a website today, I stumbled upon a very helpful tool for RSS Feeds. The site is called newsfeedmaker.com and really saved me a lot of time in adding the RSS feed to my page. The site has […]

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