Pastel Colors in Stationery Designs Look Fantastic

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Pastels are often seen as milky or desaturated and has a soft contrast. These properties often gives designs an ethereal and soft aesthetic that is very difficult to schieve in fully saturated color palettes. Pastels are subtler and softer and quieter.

Have a look at some great stationery designs we found by some great designers. You might find these inspiring for your next design projects.

Amperian by UFHO

image_01_amperian image_02_amperian


image_03_badaboom image_04_badaboom

Leader Branding and Identity by Lotta Niemenen

image_05_leader image_06_leader

La Plata by Anagrama

image_07_laplata image_08_laplata

Capicua Branding and Identity by Anagrama

image_09_capicua image_10_capicua

Maeven by Lotta Niemenen

image_11_maeven image_12_maeven

La Violeta by Anagrama

image_13_violeta image_14_violeta

T4 Turban by Anagrama

image_15_turban image_16_turban

Village Coffee by Studio Caserne


Woven Laine by Studio Mast

image_18_wovenlaine image_19_wovenlaine

R7 Partners by Studio Mast

image_20_r4 image_21_r7

Huddle Co by Studio Mast

image_22_huddleco image_23_huddleco

Beautified by Lotta Niemenen

image_24_beautified image_25_beautified

Chippd Greeting Cards by Verena Michelitsch

image_26_chippd image_27_chippd

Onogrit Branding and Identity by Onogrit

ONOGRIT Designstudio image_29_onogrit

60 Degree

image_30_60degree image_31_60degree

Lucky 21 by Blok Design

image_32_lucky21 image_33_lucky21

Devona by Hinterland

image_34_devona image_35_devona  

Holiday Cards by Joseph Veazey

image_36_joseph_veasey image_36_joseph_veazey

Andree Daisley by Sebastian Bednarek

image_37_andre_daisley image_38_andre_daisley

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