Keyboard shortcuts can really help us with our workflow and efficiency. Regular users of Photoshop will have that one keyboard shortcut that we tend to use  on a daily basis. We would love to know what your most frequently used keyboard shortcut is! We'll tally up your responses and publish the results in an article.

What Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Do You Use the Most?

Please vote for the Photoshop keyboard shortcut you use the most in the comments of this post.

Please mention the following:

  • The keyboard shortcut you use most often (e.g. Ctrl + O or Cmd + O)
  • What the keyboard shortcut does (e.g. Ctrl + O is the shortcut for File > Open)
  • Why do you frequently use this keyboard shortcut?

What’s the keyboard shortcut I use most often? It’s Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S.

It’s the shortcut for File > Save for Web & Devices.

I use this keyboard shortcut a lot because I perform a ton of simple image editing work, such as resizing images or resaving images into another web image format. Sometimes, I can be editing 20 images at the same time, all of which need to be saved in a suitable web format.

Now it’s your turn! Share your most-used Photoshop keyboard shortcut in the comments. Thanks!

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