What Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Do You Use the Most?

Please vote for the Photoshop keyboard shortcut you use the most in the comments of this post.

Please mention the following:

  • The keyboard shortcut you use most often (e.g. Ctrl + O or Cmd + O)
  • What the keyboard shortcut does (e.g. Ctrl + O is the shortcut for File > Open)
  • Why do you frequently use this keyboard shortcut?

What’s the keyboard shortcut I use most often? It’s Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S.

It’s the shortcut for File > Save for Web & Devices.

I use this keyboard shortcut a lot because I perform a ton of simple image editing work, such as resizing images or resaving images into another web image format. Sometimes, I can be editing 20 images at the same time, all of which need to be saved in a suitable web format.

Now it’s your turn! Share your most-used Photoshop keyboard shortcut in the comments. Thanks!

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