Measure How Good You Are at Guessing Pixels

How well can you estimate the pixel lengths of objects in your screen?

If you’ve ever wanted to know, try your hand at Pixactly, a fun online test that will ask you to draw boxes based on certain pixel dimensions. The game has five rounds, and your score depends on how close you are to the pixel dimensions you’re asked to draw.

I got a total score of 97 in my first attempt. I also discovered that I was better at guessing pixel heights than widths.

The test is tougher than it looks, especially when it asks you to draw uncommon dimensions (e.g. 255x235px).

What’s particularly tough about drawing pixels by hand is pixels are display-dependent. For example, 100px in an iPhone 6 screen will be different in terms of absolute lengths compared to an old LCD monitor set to a lower resolution and/or pixel density. So if you work on multiple displays, there’s an added challenge to this game for you.

Pixactly: A Pixels Test