This Site Will Give You Endless Design Inspiration

Niice is one such site. It’s a tastefully curated showcase of visual inspiration sourced from all over the Web.

Front page screenshot of Niice

Unlike similar sites, what makes Niice stand out is it gets right to the point — no fluff, no junk, no clutter — just genuinely beautiful designs.

The front page of the site is endless; it employs an infinite-scrolling layout that makes viewing a lot of images a quick and easy affair. Just scroll down the page and it’ll load up more designs.

The search feature is really great too (Niice is really a search engine, not a design gallery). If you’re looking for a specific type of design, such as business card designs or wedding invitations, the site does an excellent job of promptly locating them for you. For example, I searched the term “typography” and was instantly shown — at least it seemed like it — a vast quantity of designs pertaining to the term.

Results for the term 'typography' on Niice

This site is definitely worth a bookmark and regular visits.