Six Revisions Downtime: Friday Morning, May 28 2010

Due to a server migration this morning, some of you trying to go to Six Revisions and our sister site, Design Instruct, may not have been able to access the sites. We’re happy to announce that we’re back up and that the server move went flawlessly.

Reason for Downtime

During a routine inspection and maintenance of our web server, our host found an issue with the hardware our sites were on. As a preventative measure to avoid catastrophic failure, they had the foresight to move our sites – along with other sites on the faulty hardware – before it failed, which might have resulted in data loss and extended downtime.

Because of the massive amount of data our sites have accumulated over the past two plus years, the move took longer than average-sized sites. As a result, if you were visiting the site early morning Eastern Standard Time today, you might have had issues accessing any web page on Six Revisions or Design Instruct for a few hours.

We’re Back!

After some preliminary testing, it’s safe to say that we’re fully operational again. With that said, if you continue to experience issues accessing any web page on the site, we’d like to hear about them, so contact us or send us a tweet at @sixrevisions.

Happy reading and thank you for your continual support!

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