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Social News Websites for Front-End Developers

Social News Websites for Front-End Developers

A social news website is a community-driven site where users can share links to news, articles and resources they’ve found on the Internet. Members of the social news website vote on the user-contributed content, acting in unison to create a self-governing quality-control mechanism for the site. If you’re a person with an unappeasable appetite for Web content, social news websites will indulge your hunger.

There are social news websites that are specifically about front-end develoment and web design. Here’s a list of them:


Versioning is a new social news site that SitePoint launched a little over a month ago (July 2015)1. The idea for creating Versioning stems from SitePoint’s daily email newsletter that goes by the same name. Versioning

Front-end Front

“Front-end Front is a place where front-end developers can ask questions, share interesting links, and show their work to the rest of the community.

Have you heard of Hacker News or Designer News? It’s something like that, but focused more on front-end.” 2 Front-end Front


Frontends is a community site where you can share your work, get help and “get better at building websites.” Also, the site allows you to post links in order to “share good content you find in the web”.3 Frontends

Echo JS

This social news website is “focused on JavaScript development, HTML5, and front-end news.”4 Echo JS


Pineapple is a community-driven social news site centered on tools and tutorials for developers and designers. Pineapple

Web Designer News

Web Designer News was built “to provide web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories on the Web.”5 Unlike other social news sites though, the user-contributed links need to be approved by moderators of the site before they get posted.

Web Designer News

Designer News

You’ve most likely heard of Designer News — the Hacker News for designers6. If not, here’s a quick summary: DN is “a community of people in design and technology”. The site hosts user-contributed “designer-friendly content”7. Designer News


DesignFloat has been around since 20078, making it one of the oldest social news sites dedicated to web design. DesignFloat


Every day, at least 3 million users9 go to reddit to find user-contributed links and participate in community discussions.

reddit isn’t just a social news site for devs and designers though, so you’ll have to go to subreddits — which are user-created sub-sections of the site that’s focused on a particular topic — to discover front-end development and web design links. For starters, check out the /r/webdev and /r/web_design subreddits. reddit


DZone has a social news section that allows users of the site to submit links to web development news, tutorials and resources.

You’ll discover plenty of JavaScript and CSS content on DZone. DZone

Other Social News Websites to Check Out

The following list of social news sites aren’t specifically for front-end web developers and web designers, but you’ll still often find relevant and interesting links on them:


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  8. The copyright notice at the footer of DesignFloat says “Design Float © 2007-2014”, which implies the website was launched in 2007.
  9. reddit’s About page shows real-time stats. When I checked it for this article, reddit’s stats reveal that there were 3,179,674 logged in redditors.

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