Giveaway: 10 Subscriptions to Placeit (Value: $105)

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What is Placeit?

Placeit is an extremely useful tool for designers and other creative professionals and you might have even already seen us use the Placeit service here on the site.

Placeit allows you to quickly and easily create impressive in-device visuals that display your design work, like this one:

Or this one:

And you can do all this in a few seconds from within your browser (there’s no software to install).

The range of use-cases for Placeit is vast. Some ideas I came up with in just a minute’s worth of brainstorming:

  • Design mockups
  • Visuals for your online portfolio (your own site, Dribbble, deviantART, Behance, etc.)
  • Design concept presentations (clients, lectures, conferences, etc.)
  • Launch page for your upcoming startup/web app/online store
  • Stills for your demo videos/product videos
  • Feature/product tours
  • Landing page visuals
  • Social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram for example)

There are so many scenarios where Placeit is extremely handy to have. I absolutely adore this web tool.

Placeit is all about providing you with different forms of presenting your app in context.

It allows you to tell the story behind your design.

The Placeit Casual Plan

What will you get if you win this giveaway?

Here are some features of the 3-month Placeit Casual plan:

  • High resolution image downloads
  • 27 downloads in total
  • 9 downloads per month (and unused downloads roll over to the next month)
  • Ability to use the images under the Placeit standard commercial license
  • 15% discount on the Placeit extended use commercial license

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How to Win

For a chance to win, just answer the following question in the comments:

How will you use your Placeit subscription?

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