A Reminder for Designers Who Think They Suck

For some aspiring designers, the feeling of inadequacy becomes so overwhelming that they decide to call it quits.

What nobody tells us is that being disappointed about our work is completely normal. Everyone feels it.

We always see the great designs of hugely successful designers, but what we don’t see is the amount of run-of-the-mill work, failed ideas, and hardships it took for them to get there.

This video by Daniel Sax, titled The Gap, is a reminder to stick it out during the early years — the phase of your creative career where you’re producing work that you’re still not quite happy with yet.

The short video is based on an interview of Ira Glass, producer of the TV show This American Life.

Glass talks about the concept of "the gap" — the first couple of years where you know you have great creative taste but still lack the skills and experience to fully express it.

He suggests the way to close "the gap" is to create a lot of work, set deadlines for yourself, and to fight your way out of the phase.

It takes a while for your skills and experience to mature.

Have faith in yourself that you’ll overcome "the gap" phase, and you eventually will.