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A collage of diverse patterns including geometric shapes, abstract color blends, kitchen utensils, and city names typography, with a central logo for 'The Pattern Library' and a website address.

The Pattern Library: a Resource for Free Seamless Patterns

The Pattern Library Home Page

The patterns featured on the site are created by various designers, and range from subtle patterns to intricately ornate ones.

The patterns are presented well on their site, giving you a preview of how they look when tiled — handy for quickly getting an idea of how they’d look when used. To see what I mean, here’s how the “Wild Sea” pattern is displayed on The Pattern Library:

"Wild Sea" pattern on The Pattern Library.

Right now, there are 32 seamless patterns on The Pattern Library. The project is still on-going, according to the site, so I would expect more patterns to be added as it matures.

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