Time-Lapse Artwork: Artists Show You How It's Done

Often, when we see the finished product of an artist’s work, we rarely think about the time it took and the processes they used to create it. However, as some of you will know, it actually takes a lot of time and hard work to really create something great. The artists featured here have filmed themselves creating one of their pieces to show you their creations coming to life.


Matthew Warlick – Dark Crystal Mystic


12Foot6 – Underland

Beth Carter – Minotaur and Bird


Phil James – Cover for Arcade Review


Fabian Hausermann – Thriumphal Arch

Max Ulichney – Thor


David A. Smith – Beautiful War


Paul White – Dodgetown

http://vimeo.com/78140197   Don’t forget to visit these artists portfolios and show them some love by following them on Twitter and Facebook pages!

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