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Top 10 Flash Content Management Systems

When it comes to Flash, there are some conflicting views. There is a misconception that that Flash web pages are not seen by search engines and can’t be indexed at all. Others reckon that Flash sites are not user-friendly and load for ages.

If you are one of those individuals who’ve overlooked and ignored Flash as a viable CMS, I hope this post will make you look twice.

1. FlashMoto Flash CMS

FlashMoto Flash CMS FlashMoto is an advanced Flash content management system that allows users to create fully editable, extensible and SEO-friendly Flash websites and easily manage them. FlashMoto is intended for Flash developers, freelancers and design studios that are engaged in creating custom Flash sites or modifying web templates. It provides an opportunity to create a website of any complexity, starting from an online business card to a full-fledged portfolio.

So far, there is no way to create multiple accounts for the CMS. In theory, FlashMoto allows the replacement of one template by another (but profound Flash skills required).

2. Royale/CMS

Royale/CMS Royale CMS is a rebrandable content management system created by an interactive agency for agencies and freelancers. With this CMS, you may create the structure that fits your design. They make an emphasis on the rebranding feature: users may upload their own logo and change the colors.

Royale CMS is specifically designed for websites that typically use external XML data.

3. Saffron Flash CMS

Saffron Flash CMS Saffron CMS is a WYISWYG content management system for Flash-based websites. It is a set of seven readymade components and a controller component that can be incorporated into a Flash-based website and the website content can be updated without leaving the browser window.

4. fCMSPro

fCMSPro fCMSPro is a Flash component from Flashloaded. It is a solid Flash content management system that provides a lot of useful features for fast and easy Flash website management. Like any other CMS, it makes it possible for users to update content directly on a live website.

Websites created with fCMSPro are search-engine-friendly.

5. Yooba CMS

Yooba CMS Yooba is one of the convenient Flash content management systems that allow users to create rich-media content without having to be a programmer. The user interface looks and works just like any application installed on your computer. Yooba comes in two different account types: Professional (monthly subscription) and Enterprise (annual subscription).

6. Flashblocks

Flashblocks Flashblocks is a simple Flash content management system aimed mostly at Flash designers. It provides easy ways to create, update, and arrange Flash content from any web browser.

7. FlashContentManager

FlashContentManager FlashContentManager is a simple File Manager developed for Flash websites with external content that allows users to update text, images, SWFs, MP3s, etc. directly on a live website. It is aimed at both Flash designers and end-users.

8. Flypaper

Flypaper The Flypaper Platform was designed specifically for agencies and companies that create and use interactive content. Non-technical users can create content without Flash skills and programming knowledge.

9. Maki CMS

Maki Maki CMS Demo Maki is another simple content management system that allows users to build and update Flash-based websites. Maki provides a range of readymade templates that you choose and customize.

10. Flint CMS

Flint CMS Flint CMS is a simple Flash content editor that can be integrated into your own content management solution. It can be used with the news manager, product catalog, or anything else.

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