9 Online Games That Teach You About Typography

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1. Typewar


This online game will test your typeface identification skills. It will show you a letter and your job is to determine what font the letter is.

2. I Shot the Serif!

I Shot the Serif!

This online game is addictively simple, and it will hone your type classification abilities. The game will present a group of letters to you and your task is to “shoot” the ones that have serifs.

3. Type Connection

Type Connection

Type Connection is a game where you are challenged to make harmonious typeface pairings. The “correct” pairings are based on four typography principles.

4. Font Game

Font Game

This straightforward typography game shows you some text and then asks you to name what font is used in it.

5. Cheese or Font

Cheese or Font

This is a rather strange game: You will be shown a name and you’re then asked to determine whether it is a cheese or a font. This can improve your font identification skills, as well as your cheese identification abilities. Two birds, one stone.

6. Ragtime


According to the creator of Ragtime, “Rags are commonly the most overlooked detail in typography.” In typography, rag refers to the vertical margins of a text block. Typically, in right-to-left text since paragraphs are often left-aligned, the rag refers to the right margin. How uneven the rag is can affect the text’s readability. This typography game helps you fine-tune your rag-setting skills: You’re given a block of text and then asked to adjust its right rag.

7. Kern Type

Kern Type

Kerning (the space between letters) greatly influences readability and aesthetics, and is an important typography skill to know. This online game let’s you practice kerning and then compares your work to a typographer’s solution.

8. The Rather Difficult Font Game

The Rather Difficult Font Game

This is another typeface identification game. As the name of the game suggests, this one will really test your knowledge.

9. Shape Type

Shape Type

Ready to design your own fonts? An essential skill that type designers must have is the ability to draw letters and characters using vector shapes. In this online game, you will shape letters by moving vector anchor points to the correct location.

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