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A digital art application interface with an in-progress portrait of a stylized character, surrounded by thumbnails of other artworks.

Watch Artists’ Creative Process in Real-Time at

Sywork– short for Show Your Work — is a new sharing platform which allows illustrators and creatives to show off their work as it is being created. The really exciting thing about is the fact that it was created specifically for artists and creatives enabling them to share their process with a community of like-minded and passionate individuals. There’s a real potential for learning and collaboration and we can’t wait to see what the community comes up with.

While it can be argued that the mystery surrounding an artist’s creative process can add value (i.e. mystique, awe, or “how did that happen?!!?”) to their work, allowing others to get a glimpse of how it’s done can also be just as valuable. Artists who choose to show their work on get their own profile where people can watch them work and chat and interact with everyone else watching.

For those interested in the creative process, real-time insights and meaningful discussions regarding the artist’s creative process can easily develop in the comment boards and chatrooms. If you’re looking to improve your skills or learn some new techniques, then watching other artists “do it” can certainly help with that as well. Of course, not everyone will get on board with this idea.

We personally know some artists who are very guarded with their process and their techniques. But for those who love to share and get feedback on their work, might just be what you’re looking for. Check out here.

image_01_sywork If you’ve created a Sywork profile, let us know about it in the comments section and share your stream with us!

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