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13 Best Websites for Selling Art in 2024

What are the best websites for selling art in 2024? It’s an incredible achievement when your art is displayed in a gallery. Art galleries offer a sensory, cultural experience everyone should have the joy of experiencing.

But galleries aren’t always accessible to artists or visitors until you enter the world of websites selling art.  

Top 13 Websites for Selling Art

Here are 13 best websites to sell your art – from paintings and photos to printed media and sculptures. 

1. Saatchi Art 

saatchi art homepage

Saatchi Art is a prominent online art gallery established in 2006. Saatchi Art has over 1 million artworks from 90,000 artists and enjoys millions of visits each month, making it one of the best websites to sell art. Because it is such a large platform, you want to employ the best SEO practices on your page and develop a relationship with the curator team.  

2. eBay

ebay art page

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world and sells everything from electronics to cars and pre-owned items. They also sell arts and crafts, so you can set up a seller’s account to list your art in suitable categories. You want to create an SEO-rich profile page with an “About” feature, upload quality photos and product descriptions, set a fair price, and be transparent with fees. 

3. Etsy

etsy art collection page

Etsy is an aesthetic online store for arts, crafts, jewelry, decorations, and similar curio items. There are fees, though — listing fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees that vary by region, currency conversion fees, and Ad fees. Despite the costs, Etsy is a popular platform that provides tools and advice for setting up your shop and helping buyers find you.

4. Society6

society6 homepage

Society6 is an American online Marketplace that sells frameworks, prints, and artwork printed on items including pillows and mugs. The platform gives you lots of freedom — you set the price based on various aspects, selecting your commission rate. You enjoy a  70% royalty rate – but you have to weigh this one up as reviews on Trustpilot are a mixed bag. 

5. ArtPal

artpal homepage

ArtPal is a US-based market that features over 200,000 artists and a varied gallery of paintings, jewelry, ceramics, sculptures, and photography. This Print-on-Demand service is free to join with no membership fees or commission so you can receive 100% profit if you sell and ship your original art directly. 

6. Artfinder

artfinder homepage

ArtFinder enjoys an excellent reach of around 450,000 art appreciators. Artfinder offers a good user interface that includes automatic conversion to local currency. They feature a varied mix of mediums from printmaking to painting.

Artfinder gives you opportunities to have your art featured and has a rating system that can raise your profile and boost visibility. 

7. Singulart

singulart homepage

Singulart is a platform that is simultaneously open and a bit more exclusive! The platform hosts artists from over 80 countries and features over 50,000 pieces. Singulart gives potential buyers a more curated selection as artists apply to be hosted on Singulart and applications may take a couple of weeks to process.

The platform gives local artists that are nationally recognized an international platform. 

8. Fineartamerica

fineartamerica homepage

Contrary to what the name suggests, Fineartamerica hosts and sells worldwide but also has a sister site called Pixels for more accessible global appeal. Fineartamerica provides trusted print-on-demand service for a variety of mediums. The platform is streamlined and perfect if you aren’t sure how to sell art online — Fineartamerica handles the buyer experience and shipping process!

9. Shopify

shopify art page

Shopify gives you all the tools to build your own ecommerce website and skip third-party vendors. Shopify can be a successful platform for artists, providing buyers with an excellent shopping experience if you design it correctly. Despite some higher fees, Shopify is easy to use, has a good selection of professional templates, and allows you to sell through your social media platforms, too. 

10. Redbubble

redbubble art page

Redbubble is a print-on-demand service founded in 2006 in Australia boasting good independent reviews. 

The platform hosts around 700,000 artists and designers worldwide. You can upload your work and designs, and users can receive prints of your artwork on paper and canvas, clothing, stationery, phone cases, and decor items!

11. Amazon

amazon art page

Amazon Art is a new service offered by Amazon. Amazon Art offers a professional user experience built on Amazon’s global platform. Amazon incorporates a number of features that play on the platform’s strengths, including a built-in shopping cart, payment processing, and shipping options.

You enjoy a reliable, trusted platform with a huge audience to sell your art to. 

12. Getty Images

getty images homepage

Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images is the ideal platform for professional photographers, filmmakers, and graphic designers to earn and be rewarded for their art. Getty Images is a well-established and trusted platform founded in 1995. Contributors on Getty have enjoyed prestigious awards – including the Pulitzer Prize! Getty vets contributors, but the application process is straightforward— skill, composition, creativity. If selected, you can license your content to over 1 million customers globally and receive around 15%-45% in royalties.

13. Bonus: Social media/ Marketplace

Marketplace is a good option if you feel the need to ease into the world of selling art. But be very cautious as transactions aren’t monitored and often require in-person meetings and sharing personal details. A safer way is to use social media to generate interest in your art, and direct traffic from your social media pages to the websites you feature your art on. 

Start Making Money with Websites for Selling Art

Websites for selling art such as online galleries, ecommerce platforms, global marketplaces, and print-on-demand services make it easier than ever to market your art and enjoy sales from your passion and hard work! 

Online galleries and platforms are the best places to sell art because:  

  • You enjoy competitive fees — Online galleries have competitive fees and offer you higher commissions.
  • You get global exposure — Collectors from around the world can view and purchase your art. 
  • There is a 24/7 window — Buyers can purchase at their own convenience as there are no opening and closing hours.
  • There is unlimited space — You can showcase your entire portfolio when you sell art online because there are no restraints on physical space.  

And you can start making money selling your art online with your own website! At WebFX, we have managed 12.9 million ecommerce transactions for our clients. Our expert team will curate your website and provide you with a professional platform to showcase your brand.

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