Weekend Project: Sketchbook Treasures

The Idea

I was doing a little spring cleaning in my work area this morning and I discovered a stack of old sketchbooks and notebooks I had forgotten about hidden deep in a filing cabinet [read: random item storage unit] I keep by my desk. I flipped through these notebooks and realized that they were like leafy time capsules for my brain. It was interesting to flip through them and be reminded of the state of mind I was in when I wrote in them.

You probably have a few sketchpads/notebooks or stray pieces of paper lying about your work areas. And you probably have plenty of ideas, sketches, and random thoughts scribbled into them that you’ve forgotten about as well. While these notebooks and sketchpads could easily be left gathering dust, to be forever lost in places where the sun don’t shine, we think it would be much more fun if you shared them with us here on Design Instruct!

The Task

Scan or take a clear photo (*trust me, your camera phone will do) of the pages of your old sketchpads that you think are interesting and tweet them to the @Designinstruct Twitter feed.


You could just as easily provide a link to your selected pages in the Comments section below.

In a week’s time, we’ll gather all of the submissions and we’ll show them all here on Design Instruct for the whole community to see!

Have a great weekend, everyone!