What Are You Working On?

We all have something going on.

Perhaps it’s a web development project. Maybe you’re teaching yourself PHP/Sass/React or how to design with Sketch. Are you working on launching your blog or ebook? Job-hunting? It might even be a self-improvement project like fitness, learning a new hobby or being a better spouse/significant other/parent.

In this open thread, let’s talk about the project we’re working on right now.

Share your response in the comments.

Open Thread: What Are You Working On?

Talking Points

  • Tell us about your project. Why did you decide to do it? How’s your progress so far?
  • What lessons have you learned while working on your project? What issues/pain-points have you encountered?
  • Do you have a side/personal project? Why did you decide to work on it? Does it complement your “real work”?
  • Show us your project. You can post screenshots and photos in the comments using an <img> tag.

(This open thread closes on July 31.)