25 Outstanding WordPress Designs

WordPress is a popular, versatile, highly-customizable publishing platform. It’s used primarily for blogs, but with a little bit of innovation – it’s utility is limitless.

If you’re contemplating on creating a theme for your newly-established WordPress installation or looking for design inspiration for an existing one, check out these 25 hand-picked, beautiful WordPress designs that showcase the creativity of its designer and the malleability of WordPress.

1. 3.7 Designs

3.7 Designs - Screenshot

2. Blogsolid

Blogsolid - Screenshot

3. Candes Projects

Candes Projects - Screenshot

4. coda.coza

 coda.coza - Screenshot

5. ISO50

ISO50 - Screenshot

6. Larissa Meek

Larissa Meek - Screenshot

7. Vikiworks™ Studio

Vikiworks(TM) Studio - Screenshot

8. keasone.de

keasone.de - Screenshot

9. RobGoodlatte.com

RobGoodlatte.com - Screenshot

10. Graphik’n’Sound

Graphik'n'Sound - Screenshot

11. La Vie Est Une Fête !

La Vie Est Une Fête ! - Screenshot

12. Moderno Prometeo, escrito por Rolando Hernandez

Moderno Prometeo, escrito por Rolando Hernandez - Screenshot

13. Mark Forrester

Mark Forrester - Screenshot

14. Stylized Web

Stylized Web - Screenshot

15. Portfolio of Adit Shukla

Portfolio of Adit Shukla - Screenshot

16. Antiphrasis

Antiphrasis - Screenshot




18. Basmati Tree

Basmati Tree - Screenshot

19. La Privata Repubblica

La Privata Repubblica - Screenshot

20. {e} house studio

{e} house studio - Screenshot

21. Arnii

Arnii - Screenshot

22. Pelangi Petang Production

Pelangi Petang Production - Screenshot

23. Kevin John Gomez

Kevin John Gomez - Screenshot

24. aiAlex

aiAlex - Screenshot

25. mr. diggles

mr. diggles - Screenshot

I hope these designs have inspired you to consider WordPress (if you aren’t already using it). If you’re working on a WordPress theme, why don’t you share it to everyone in the comments?