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As a marketer, you likely know that content is important for establishing your brand and connecting with potential customers — but it can be challenging to consistently come up with new ideas, create high-quality copy and graphics, and publish it on your site. This is a common issue at businesses with small marketing teams. Employees often have great ideas, but don’t have the ability or time to execute them.

This is where content marketing consultants can be extremely helpful. When you partner with an experienced content marketer, they’ll help you determine how content could fit into and strengthen your existing marketing strategy. Then, they’ll work with you to create, publish, and promote original content in ways that help you reach your overall goals.

In this article, we’ll discuss what content marketing is, why it is beneficial to your business, and everything you need to know about getting the right content marketing consultant. If you would like to speak to a strategist, give us a call at 888-601-5359.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is different from many other forms of marketing in that it doesn’t always make your business the focus, and may not even mention specific products or services. Instead, it involves creating material that teaches your audience new information, helps them accomplish a task, or simply provides entertainment.

Your content can take the form of blog posts, videos, in-depth articles, and graphics, and can be anything from how-to posts to helpful tips. The point is simply to use your expertise to provide information to people who don’t have the same knowledge.

So, for example, let’s say you’re a boat dealer and want to help potential customers find the best options for their intended use. You might write a blog post about the “best boats for lakes,” and include information about the features they’ll want to look for, as well as specific options that fit those needs. Then, if a user searches “best boats for lakes,” they can find your post and read the information and tips you’ve provided.

They might not be ready to buy a boat right away, but they’ll likely browse your site and remember your brand. Then, when they’re ready to make a decision or purchase, they’ll be able to contact you for more information.

When users find helpful posts and articles on your site, they’ll begin to see you as a reputable source of information and an authority within your industry. This can build trust in your brand, and make them comfortable purchasing from you in the future.

Why content marketing matters

Content marketing is unique in that it doesn’t involve interrupting your target audience while they’re doing other things and blatantly attempting to sell them something. This type of traditional advertising, like TV and radio commercials, is annoying to consumers, and often seen as invasive.

Content marketing, on the other hand, involves providing information that your target audience can find as they’re actively seeking it online. This is much less invasive, and more welcomed by the majority of consumers.

The more helpful content you post, the more you establish your business as an authority. If a person comes across one of your blog posts and enjoys it, they may subscribe to your blog and become a regular reader. Then, they’ll become more invested in your company and more interested your products and services.

Content marketing is also a great way for you to help your customers make more informed purchasing decisions.The more they know, the more likely they’ll be to select the product or service that’s best suited to their needs — and as a result, more likely to be satisfied with their purchase and become a repeat customer.

What do content marketing consultants do?

Now that you know the value of content, you’re probably wondering what value an outside content marketing consultant can provide your business. Essentially, these consultants can help you create content that resonates with your audience — but they do more than just take the ideas you have and put them into writing.

Consultants will look at your current online presence and strategy, analyze your target audience and their browsing habits, and look for opportunities to engage them.

They’ll look at any content you’ve published in the past to see what topics you’ve written about and how people reacted to them. This will help them determine if the posts resonate with your audience, and if not, what the issue was. In some cases, the topics may not have been interesting to your target audience — and in others, it may just be a case of a lack of promotion.

Consultants will also look at your brand, get a sense of your mission and values, and what is most important to your customers. This gives them an idea of what types of topics to consider, as well as the best tone and style to use.

Once a consultant looks over all aspects of your online presence, they’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals. Your content will be a part of your overall marketing strategy, and they’ll want to make sure that it’s designed to work cohesively with your other campaigns. They’ll provide recommendations for the approach you should take, but ultimately, you should have the final say in whether a strategy is appropriate for your business.

A consultant may also recommend that you use other strategies in combination with content, particularly search engine optimization, or SEO. If you’re going to put time and effort into creating content, you want people to see it — and without SEO, it will be extremely difficult to accomplish this goal.

Can your business benefit from a content marketing consultant?

If you’re interested in hiring a consultant, you may be wondering if it is a good investment for your business. But if any of the following statements are true, you could likely benefit from working with an experienced content marketing.

1. Your team doesn’t have experience with content

If no one on your marketing team has experience creating content strategies or writing copy, you could benefit from working with a content marketing consultant.

Content is essential for generating traffic to your website, so it isn’t something to skip over. Your team may not know what kind of content to produce or how to create it, but that doesn’t mean you should forego content marketing entirely.

Experienced consultants can help you create the content that is best for your business. They have years of experience creating, measuring, and analyzing content strategies, and they’ll work with you to create and publish content that gets you closer to your marketing goals.

When you’re researching your options, you may want to focus on consultants or agencies that have experience in your industry. If a consultant has worked with your industry in the past, they likely already have a sense of what works for your target audience — and can speed up the process of creating the right content for your business.

2. You have a small marketing team

If you have a small marketing department and aren’t yet ready to hire another full-time employee, an outside consultant can often be good idea. Small marketing departments typically already have their schedules filled with too many projects to spend the time researching and testing content marketing strategies. A content consultant can help you skip the research and testing phases and get right to creating effective content.

This can also be a more budget-friendly option hiring a full-time employee, and allow you to get the assistance you need without paying an additional salary.

3. You want more website traffic

If you find that your website isn’t getting enough traffic, a content marketing consultant can help. Content, especially when paired with SEO, is an effective way to attract visitors to your website.

Content can come in the form of blogs, videos, or infographics, as long as it provides information that’s helpful or interesting to your target audience. The purpose of content is to attract users to your site, and you can reach this goal in many different ways.

When you provide helpful information, you have the chance to become an authority in your field and build trust with potential customers. Even if people don’t convert right away, they will remember your business when they need services like yours.

This type of marketing helps you gain valuable consumers because it positions you as a resource as people are actively searching for information. Instead of interrupting them with advertisements while they’re trying to watch TV or listen to the radio, you let them seek out valuable information when they need it.

4. You want to improve your digital marketing results

You may already be consistently publishing content on your blog and promoting it on your social channels, but not seeing the results you’d hoped for. A content marketing consultant can look at your current strategy, determine why you aren’t seeing results, and help you make adjustments.

They’ll create your strategy with this information in mind, and write content that will generate the results you want.

How much does content marketing cost?

All of this might sound great — but if you’re like most marketers, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. And while many agencies and consultants avoid sharing pricing online, at WebFX, we publish comprehensive price charts for each of our services.

Our plans start at $1,500 per month, and can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and goals. They also include steps like keyword research, outreach and promotion, and reports, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment.

Content plays a vital role in generating leads and conversions, which are essential to increasing sales and overall revenue. If you aren’t sure you are ready to invest in a consultant or want to start working on your content strategy yourself, check out our free content marketing guide to get you started!

Does content marketing work?

As with any strategy you’re considering using, you want to know that the time and money you invest in content marketing is going to be worth it. And to put it simply, it is worth it because your target audience is actively seeking information every day.

Today’s consumers are increasingly wary of traditional advertising strategies — and many of them use tools like ad blockers to avoid them when browsing online. Shifting towards inbound strategies like content helps you avoid wasting your money on ads that only annoy your target audience, and focus on being there when they want information.

As a result, inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than outbound. When you let customers find you on their own, they’ll be much more receptive to what you have to say, and more likely to create positive associations with your brand.

WebFX is a leading content marketing agency

If you’re ready to invest in content marketing, you want to be sure you choose the consultant or agency that’s best suited to your company. At WebFX, we have years of experience creating effective, results-driven strategies for our clients in a variety of industries.

We recognize that every business is unique, and we create custom plans for each of our clients. As a result, we’ve earned 1020+ testimonials from satisfied marketers and business owners.

When you partner with us, we’ll take the time to get to know your industry, brand, and goals, and tailor your strategy to get the best possible results. Your content should be as unique as your business, and at WebFX, we’ll work with you to make sure that your content fits your overall strategy.

Learn more about content marketing plans from WebFX

Content marketing is an important aspect of your business’ digital advertising plan. If you want to bring in the right consumers, you need to choose a company that will create the right content.

As you begin to research content marketing consultants, you’ll want to think about your budget and the content you want to be produced. It is important to do your research to figure out what kind of content marketer is best for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about your content marketing options, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to speak with a strategist about how WebFX can help you achieve your marketing goals with a content strategy.