What Is B2C Digital Advertising? Your B2C Digital Ad Guide

B2C digital advertising, also known as business-to-consumer digital advertising, is a form of advertising directed towards consumers. B2C advertising can include search ads, display ads, programmatic ads, and more.

For companies that want to stay competitive, using digital advertisements to take your marketing strategy online is a must. Digital ads are also an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and drive more sales for your business-to-consumer (B2C) company.

But what is B2C digital advertising, and how does it work? We’ll discuss the answers to these questions and more on this page. Plus, we’ll go over how you can create a stellar B2C digital advertising strategy that will boost revenue for your company.

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What is B2C digital advertising?

B2C digital advertising is the process of promoting your B2C company, products, and services to consumers on several online channels with digital technology.

With digital advertising, you can reach more consumers on online platforms, such as:

B2C digital advertising also uses personalized marketing messages and data-driven strategies to enable you to reach the consumers who are most interested in your products and services.

Types of B2C digital advertising

Now that you know the answer to “what is B2C digital advertising”, let’s dive into the different types of B2C digital ads.

Here are four types of B2C digital advertising that your business can take advantage of:

Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC ads display at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), above the organic results. And as the name suggests, you’ll only pay for PPC ads each time a user clicks on your ad.


With PPC ads, you’ll bid on keywords and phrases that relate to your B2C company. You can also take steps to optimize your ads to improve your Quality Score and Ad Rank such as:

  • Choosing relevant keywords
  • Inserting keywords in your ad copy
  • Designing user-friendly landing pages

By achieving a successful bid and high Ad Rank your ad will appear as one of the first results each time a user searches for that keyword or phrase on a search engine like Google.

PPC ads are an excellent way to increase your online visibility and enable more users to find your B2C company when using search engines. Plus, you get to choose how much you want to bid on keywords, so PPC ads can fit perfectly into any marketing budget.


Display ads are visual advertisements that can enable you to promote your B2C company on websites, apps, and social media.


Display ads can take several different forms, such as:

And because visual content gets 94% more views than text-only content, display ads can be a great way to drive more traffic to your website and earn more sales for your business.

Social media

Next on our list for types of B2C digital advertising is social media ads. With more than 5 billion active users on social media platforms, social media ads can significantly expand your reach to promote your products and services to more members of your target audience.

When you choose to invest in social media ads, your advertisement will display in users’ news feeds as they scroll. Your advertisement can contain text, images, videos, or a combination.


Influencer advertisements enable you to promote your brand and products through a social media influencer. A social media influencer is a popular personality on social media platforms, and they usually have a larger number of followers.

When you advertise your products and services with a social media influencer, you’ll be able to expand your reach by promoting your B2C company to their followers. And because 92% of users trust recommendations from influencers over a brand, investing in influencer advertisements can significantly boost your sales and revenue.

Three key benefits that show the importance of B2C digital advertising

So, how can digital advertisements benefit your B2C company? There are numerous advantages to using a B2C digital advertising strategy, including increasing your leads and conversions.

Here are three more key benefits that show the importance of B2C digital advertising:

1. B2C digital advertising is cost-effective

One of the biggest benefits of B2C digital advertising is that it’s a cost-effective way to promote your products and services.

With traditional advertising, there isn’t much room to choose strategies that fit within your budget. This makes it challenging to compete with larger companies with plenty of resources to allocate to traditional advertising methods.

With B2C digital advertising, however, you can easily invest in strategies that can best suit your company’s needs. And because many digital ads, like PPC ads, enable you to choose how much you want to bid on keywords, you can easily stay within your marketing budget and enjoy the results from your strategies.

2. B2C digital advertising enables you to target ideal customers

Because B2C traditional advertising targets a wide range of different types of consumers, your ads will likely reach consumers who aren’t interested in your products and services.

However, with B2C digital adverting, you can target specific groups of consumers based on their:

That means you can create personalized advertising messages that will resonate with members of your target audience. B2C digital advertising is the perfect way to reach the consumers who are the most interested in your products and services and are likely to convert into paying customers.

3. B2C digital advertising is measurable

Digital advertising for your B2C company is also measurable. You can easily measure and track the success of your digital advertising campaigns.

With B2C digital advertising, you can view which ads and strategies drive the best results for your business so you can earn the highest return on invest (ROI). That means you won’t have to worry about wasting your resources on campaigns that aren’t driving leads or sales.

How to create a revenue-driving B2C digital advertising strategy

Now that you know what B2C digital advertising is and the benefits it can provide for your business, we’ll move on to how you can start driving revenue with digital ads.

Here are our top three tips for creating a B2C digital advertising strategy that boosts sales for your company:

1. Write engaging ad copy

Your ad copy is an essential part of your B2C digital advertising strategy. If you want the consumers who view your ads to check out your website or make a purchase, you’ll need to write engaging ad copy.

Here are a few tips to help you write ad copy that converts:

By writing ad copy that resonates with your audience’s needs and emotions, you can grab their attention and encourage them to become paying customers.

2. Use attention-grabbing calls to action (CTAs)

CTAs are the perfect way to guide consumers to take the next action. For your digital advertising strategy to succeed, you’ll need consumers to perform an action when they see your ad.

Whether you want consumers to browse your products or sign up for your email newsletters, an attention-grabbing CTA is the way to go.


Your CTA can include phrases such as:

  • “Buy now!”
  • “Sign up today!”
  • “Browse our products!”

If you want to boost leads and sales with digital ads, including an eye-catching CTA is a must.

3. Identify and target your ideal customer

Identifying and understanding your ideal customer is the key to creating a B2C digital advertising strategy that drives results for your business.

Your ideal customer is a consumer who is the most interested in purchasing your products and services based on their interests or needs. To drive the most revenue for your B2C company, you’ll need to ensure your ads are targeting the consumers who are most likely to become customers.

Several digital advertising platforms use advanced targeting features to help your ads reach your target audience. Once you know your ideal customer, you can create targeted marketing messages for the consumers who are already searching for your products and services online.

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