B2B Demand Generation Strategies

For B2B companies, attracting new clients is essential for growth and success – but maintaining a steady stream of new business can be challenging.

That’s where demand generation becomes extremely important.

Demand generation strategies can help your B2B company create demand for your products and services, and as a result, earn more leads and clients.

Getting started with demand generation can feel overwhelming. Especially since you need to successfully identify the components in the multistep process. Fortunately, WebFX has a team of 500+ experts who can help you organize and put together an effective demand generation strategy for your business. You can call 888-601-5359 or contact us online for help getting started today!

On this page, we’ll take a look at the importance of demand generation, and some demand generation strategies you can start using to get results today.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is demand generation?
  2. Demand generation vs. lead generation
  3. Importance of demand generation for B2B companies
  4. 5 demand generation strategies for B2B companies
  5. Lead nurturing strategies
  6. WebFX is a top demand generation company

What is demand generation?

Demand generation focuses on creating awareness and interest in your company’s products or services. This involves engaging members of your target audience with messages that are relevant and personalized to them.

Demand generation is a multi-step process. Successful demand generation marketing should:

  1. Show customers a problem they face
  2. Position your services as a potential solution
  3. Demonstrate the value of choosing your company over a competitor

To measure the success of your demand generation strategies, you can use the same KPIs associated with other Internet marketing strategies, including conversions and traffic on designated pages of your website.

These metrics will allow you to gauge increase in demand and optimize your efforts to get the most out of your demand generation strategies.

Measuring the metrics that affect your bottom line.

Are you interested in custom reporting that is specific to your unique business needs? Powered by MarketingCloudFX, WebFX creates custom reports based on the metrics that matter most to your company.

  • Leads
  • Transactions
  • Calls
  • Revenue
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Demand generation vs. lead generation

Many times, demand and lead generation are lumped into the same category. However, there are a few key differences (and different strategies for each).

  • Lead generation focuses on encouraging potential customers to submit information you can use to contact and directly sell to them.
  • Demand generation educates potential customers by showing them a problem they face and explaining how your products and services can solve that problem.

While lead generation focuses on collecting information from prospects, demand generation is a more top-of-funnel approach that educates potential customers and shows them how they can benefit from working with you.

Importance of demand generation for B2B companies

Demand generation is important for any B2B company. Here are three reasons why it should have a place in your marketing strategy.

1. Increases brand awareness

Demand generation helps you increase brand awareness and educate people about the products and services you provide.

This will help more people find out about your business. And you can also use demand generation strategies to position your company as a leader in your industry.

Increasing brand awareness and exposure can help your B2B company reach more prospects and let them know how you can help the achieve their business goals.

2. Helps you attract more qualified leads

You can tailor your demand generation strategies to reach the people who are most interested in the products and services you offer. This will help you to reach more qualified leads. And you will avoid spending money trying to attract people who aren’t interested in your business.

3. Increases revenue

Demand generation focuses on educating people about your business and the products and services you provide. It also helps to position your business as the top solution to the problems your audience faces.

As you increase awareness and demand for your products and services, more people will contact you to learn more and ultimately purchase. And the more clients you earn, the more revenue your company will generate.

5 demand generation strategies for B2B companies

Looking for some fresh ways to generate demand for your business?

Let’s take a look at five demand generation strategies your B2B company can start using today.

1. Create a free tool

Creating a free tool that helps your customers solve a problem and compliments your core products is a great way to increase the demand for your services.

For example, WebFX offers a free SEO audit tool that allows people to enter their website’s URL and a keyword they want to rank for and receive a comprehensive report that details their SEO performance.

This tool ties into our core SEO services, so people who run the SEO checker are probably interested in what we have to offer. And if people are unhappy with their audit results, they can contact us to receive a free B2B SEO quote.

2. Publish quality content:

Quality content plays a huge role in a successful demand generation strategy because it helps potential customers learn more about your business and positions you as an authority in your field.

Do you already publish content on a regular basis? Think about how you can make it more valuable for readers. In other words, why should someone spend time reading your content instead of a competitor’s content?

To set your business apart, try incorporating original data and research. Providing timely insights on the latest trends and industry news can also keep your content fresh and attract traffic to your site.

3. Share informative videos

Video is an extremely effective way to engage Internet users – in fact, YouTube alone has over a billion users. As a result, creating and sharing videos that demonstrate your products and services can help you reach potential customers and increase demand for your business.

At WebFX, we create videos that explain our services and highlight trends in the Internet marketing industry. You can check them out on YouTube, as well as our website and blog.

Videos don’t require expensive equipment or a team of professional actors, either. With a camera and some basic video editing skills, you can start incorporating video marketing into your demand generation strategy today.

4. Host webinars

You can also host webinars that highlight your products and services, explain how they work, and demonstrate the benefits of working with your business.

If you’ve never hosted one before, you can partner with other companies and influencers in your industry to co-host webinars. This will give you instant access to their audience and allow you to further increase awareness of the products and services you provide.

If you do partner with another company, it’s important to make sure that they have a similar audience but don’t offer competitive products. Then, you will be able to get your message in front of a new audience without competing for the same customers.

5. Promote content on social media

Social media is another great way to highlight and create demand for the products and services you offer.

When you create new content like blog posts, infographics, and videos, always share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This will help you to generate buzz about your business. And if people like the things you share, they will be more likely to consider working with you in the future.

Social media also gives you the power to listen in to what customers and prospects have to say about your business, competitors, and your industry. Then, you can tailor your communication to better educate them about your offerings and position your products and services as a prime solution to the problems they face.

Lead nurturing strategies

Once you’ve generated demand for the products and services you offer, you need to implement lead nurturing to turn that demand into clients and revenue. Here are two lead nurturing strategies you can try today.

1. Send emails

Sending weekly or monthly email newsletters is another effective way to generate interest in your company.

Email marketing helps you educate potential customers about your products and services, keep customers in the loop about your business, and provide them with important updates, promotions, and special offers.

You can also add calls to action in your emails to drive traffic to your site and encourage people to learn more about your business. Then, you can track engagement rates and tweak elements of your messages to reach more potential customers.

2. Implement lead scoring

Lead scoring allows you to assess the behavior of your prospects and the actions they have taken while interacting with your business. The can help you determine whether potential customers demonstrate enough interest to be considered a qualified lead.

You can also examine specific actions they’ve taken. For example, did they use one of your free tools or download a guide? Did they view a page on your website that suggests purchase intent? Express interest in a demonstration of your product or use your free tools?

Lead scoring can also help you determine the value of a lead by assessing their role in an organization. Are they a senior member of the company? Do they have decision-making authority?

WebFX clients receive access to our proprietary marketing automation software, MarketingCloudFX, to help efficiently and accurately evaluate and score leads.

WebFX is a top demand generation company

WebFX is an award-winning Internet marketing company, and our services can help your B2B company generate demand for the products and services you offer.

We offer a number of custom digital strategies including SEO, PPC, social media management, email marketing, content marketing, lead management, and more. And we work to get the best results for our clients.

If you want to generate more demand for your business, sell more, and earn more revenue, we can help.

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