The Beginner's Guide to Personalized Marketing

As Internet marketing analytics become increasingly advanced, marketers can get a better understanding of their target audience than ever before. With the right data, you can find out what topics interest an audience, provide the information that they need, and publish it to bring them to your site.


Table of Contents:
The Beginner’s Guide to Personalized Marketing


  1. Introduction to personalized marketing
  2. Defining your audience
  3. Creating personalized content
  4. Converting visitors into leads
  5. Personalization best practices

Up until recently, however, your marketing materials had to be suited to a fairly broad audience. Even if you created marketing personas to help guide your content, there was no guarantee that the visitors who matched up with each persona would find what you wrote.

With personalized marketing, that’s no longer the case. Instead of creating content for different potential customers and hoping they’ll find it on your site, you can use personalization to make sure that each visitor finds exactly what they need.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can start using personalized marketing for your company.


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