Digital Marketing for Car Dealers

Car dealers are essential businesses throughout the United States. You provide necessary products, quality employment, and economic stability for your community — and you can highlight all of these things in your digital marketing campaigns.

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When you have a strong enough reputation, you can earn customers at any time — even when you're not actively running paid advertising campaigns.

Digital marketing for car dealers is all about leveraging that advantage as much as possible. But creating a strategy that does this is often easier said than done.

On this page, we'll cover the three best ways you can promote your car dealership through digital marketing. If you'd like to speak with one of our Internet marketing experts directly, you can reach us at 855-601-5359.

1. Content marketing

Content Marketing for Car Dealers

Content marketing is the practice of writing text, creating graphics, and shooting videos that answer your customers' most common questions.

While this is all collectively called "content," certain formats work better for certain topics and goals.


Text is the standard content format. It's also easy to create, versatile, and helpful.

Text is the foundation of blog posts, site pages, and almost every other content format.

It's helpful for answering questions in detail, and it's a great way to create content that ranks in Google search results.

That's because Google's search algorithm only reads text. It can't "see" multimedia the way that people can, so text is the most direct way to let Google know what your pages are about.

That doesn't mean other content formats are bad — in fact, they can help your dealership's website a lot.

But it does mean that you'll need to do some writing to launch your digital marketing strategy.

You can find topics to write about by listening to your customers' most common questions.

Do they want to know about certain car models you sell?

Do they often ask about the purchasing process?

Is there something you frequently say that seems to put your customers at ease?

These are all great starting points for content because you know that your customers are interested in them.

And when you post the answers to these questions online, you can start addressing them before a potential customer ever comes to your doors.

That means you can start answering them before your competitors, too.

But if you want to succeed with content marketing, you need more than a wall of text.


Graphics are the best way to break up the text on your page and add some color for visual interest.

You have tons of options at your fingertips for different graphics to use, but the two most popular are photos and data visualizations.

Photos are great for showing off your dealership and vehicles, and adding a sleek header photo to a page. You can take photos yourself for look for free stock images to use online.

Data visualizations are strong ways to make a point. Pie charts, bar graphs, and even simple percentages are all good ways to persuade a customer to a sale.

You have other options available to you, too. But these two are the easiest way to get started with visual content.


Videos are taking the Internet by storm.

If you want to show off a new car, introduce a new salesman, or just take viewers for a walk around your showroom, video is the best way to do it.

Videos show your viewers that you're committed to giving them a great experience. After all, you shot a video to make it easier for them to get an idea of what to expect from you, instead of just reading chunks of text.

That makes videos powerful companions to text-based pages. In fact, adding videos to the top of your text pages can have a dramatic impact on your overall sales.


Because the video attracts and engages your visitors more effectively than text alone.

Then, you follow the video with a call to action that encourages the viewer to contact you.

From there, you can set up an appointment, get the customer behind the wheel, and help them through the buying process.

There are many other ways you can use content to reach and convert new customers, but using this basic process, it's fairly straightforward to improve the digital experience you provide.

2. Search engine optimization

SEO for Car Dealers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so Google can understand it better, and rank your pages higher for search terms related to your business.

SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing since it passively earns new visitors to your site and turns them into leads.

With SEO on your side, you set up a long-term strategy that has the potential to earn returns for years.

That's because SEO helps you attract customers when they're actively searching for information about vehicles or dealerships.

So let's say you sell Chevrolet almost exclusively. When someone searches "buy Chevy Camaro in [your city]," your site is the first to show up.

That means the user sees your site first, meaning they'll probably click on it instead of one of your competitors.

Once they're on your page, you can use your great content to convert them into a lead and, eventually, a customer.

You can repeat this process to rank content for terms like "buy Subaru in [your city]," "2018 Chevy models," and more.

But even with SEO on your side, there's still one more strategy you should use to get as many customers as you can.

3. Local SEO

Local SEO for Car Dealers

Local SEO is the practice of listing your dealership in online outlets that display your company name, phone number, hours of operation, and address.

This is most noticeable on Google, which uses Google My Business to add your business to relevant search results.

Local SEO is great because it helps your dealership show up in multiple areas in search results.

So you can rank #1 for a search term and then show up again to the right of it! That's great brand exposure for your business, and it increases the odds that someone will go to your website.

Then, the conversion process is the same as using regular SEO or content marketing — get someone on your site and get them in touch with your business!

Local SEO works especially well for mobile search results.

Mobile devices typically have smaller screens, which makes your business even more powerful when you show up in regular SEO and local SEO results.

That double listing means that a user would have to scroll past your brand twice to find a competitor.

In other words, they have to actually try not to see your dealership's website.

That puts you in a great position if anyone who looks up your dealership on a mobile site.

Statistically, someone will.

50% of all mobile searches are for local results, and 80% of local searches convert.

So when someone looks up car dealerships on a mobile device, you can be confident that person is serious about making a purchase.

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