Creative Dentist Marketing Ideas

Your dental practice has been hard at work marketing itself to potential patients. So has every other dental practice in your area, and now all of your efforts are starting to look alike. You all have beautifully-designed websites, active blogs, and social media pages.

What can you do to make your campaigns more memorable? The answer is simple: be creative.

For a dentist, email marketing, social media, and other basic online marketing tactics are enough to raise awareness of your practice, but not enough to differentiate it. If you’re a dentist, advanced marketing tactics might seem complicated or unnecessary, but they’ll give you what you’re looking for: more patients.

That's why dental marketing ideas are so important, especially when you have a lot of local competition. With the right ideas, you can transform your marketing strategy and draw more patients to your doors.

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Start a Newsletter

If you’re a dentist, email marketing is an effective way to both keep in touch with your patients and attract new ones. Of course, it’s hard to gain traction unless you send emails with something valuable to your subscribers.

This dental marketing idea is based on delivering helpful information right to people's inboxes so they can learn more about dental hygiene. And, at the end of each email, you can remind your recipients to schedule their next appointment with you right away.

Fill your email newsletter with information that patients have asked about in the past. Headlines such as “The Best Foods for Dental Health” or “How to Get Your Kids to Brush” are sure to get attention.

You can also use the newsletter to announce changes in business hours, events you’re sponsoring, or new staff. Try to come up with four or five stories per issue, and send out an email once a month or so — whatever you feel is best for your patients.

Get Quoted in the Press

Is a local reporter writing an article about dental health or new products? If so, give him or her an authoritative quote. This is a great way to build new relationships with the press and get your practice mentioned in local media.

One of the things you want to communicate in your marketing strategy is your expertise. A quote in a local website or newspaper is a great way to accomplish this. The most obvious topics concern healthy teeth, but you could extend it to other related topics, such as sports safety, oral conditions like halitosis, or the importance of a healthy diet.

Dentist marketing ideas can include anything tangentially related to oral health that answer customer questions. If you feel you could offer valuable insight and information, you can turn any relevant newspaper article into a helpful marketing tool.

Once your quote is printed, you’ll also have something new to post on social media or write in your email newsletter! Don’t be afraid to show off a little bit — it will make you seem more knowledgeable to potential patients, and that’s never a bad thing.

After all, one of the biggest parts of running a business is earning the trust of your customers. That's why offering your expertise is one of the most effective dental marketing ideas you could have — it shows customers that you know what you're talking about, and that makes you easy to trust.

Give Free Exams to the Underserved

As it is with every other dentist, social media marketing is a new and necessary part of marketing your practice. One challenge is finding things to share. But an even bigger challenge is coming up with ideas other people will share.

You can give this to them by providing free services to those who are unable to pay for them. Many people can’t afford to visit the dentist, and they suffer major health problems as a result.

With that in mind, you can spend an afternoon volunteering your services for children, the homeless, or other people who don't often have opportunities for professional dental hygiene. Plus, you could also get a lot of publicity from an event like this, making it one of the most potentially-lucrative dental marketing ideas you could have.

You could even organize the event with other dentists for even more publicity. You’ll get great press and you’ll be working for a good cause. This kind of event is bound to spread quickly on social media, especially if you share plenty of photos and quotes from the event!

Offer Coupons and Other Incentives

Offering services for free is a nice thing to do. For dentists, offering coupons and discounts is a good way to generate more business. This can also be done on any marketing channel, whether online or in print.

If you want to find new patients, try enticing them with a special discount. There are lots of ways to frame these incentives, including:

  • Discounts on special procedures
  • Free initial exam for new patients
  • Reduced rates for referring new patients
  • Back-to-school exams for young children

Promote these deals on your website, Facebook, or any of your other marketing channels. Also, be sure to add a special code to each coupon or notice. That way, you can measure the response rate and find out which incentives or specific marketing channels are the most popular.

This is one of the most common dental marketing ideas out there right now, and you can capitalize on it by offering lower rates (or more free checkups) than your competition. It may not make you as much money as charging full price, but it helps you get more customers over time.

Produce Content for Dentistry Sites

While your primary goal might be finding more patients, you’ll be more successful if you build credibility along the way. Whether you’re a new or experienced dentist, video marketing and other tactics for dental organizations and other industry sites is a great way to achieve that.

In fact, one of the best dentist marketing ideas is simply offering information to other dentists — that way, they can link back to you on their website and establish you as an authority.

Don’t just produce one piece of content and share it with everyone. You should customize your content to the target audience. For instance, a technical blog might be appropriate for the American Dental Association, while a how-to video would resonate on a site dedicated to kids’ dental health.

Other dentists may not be your target audience for marketing, but earning their respect, endorsements, and online links can pay off in big ways. With all that working in your favor, that makes your website's content one of the best dental marketing ideas on the market.

Host a Special Event

You’re looking for new patients in your community, right? Hosting a special event helps you meet them. Visit area schools and give a presentation about the importance of healthy teeth, or get together with other medical professionals and organize a seminar about staying healthy from head to toe.

You could also invite people to take a tour of your facilities and meet your staff. Any opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential patients is an opportunity to market your practice.

That approach can really help with children as well. If they're afraid of the dentist or getting their first checkup, you can introduce them to the smiling faces of your staff to show them you're not scary at all — you're helpful! That can also help parents relax since they won't have to convince their children to get their teeth cleaned. All in all, it's a solid dental marketing idea.

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Host a contest

Contests are a great way of increasing exposure and encouraging engagement. People love sharing contest updates on social media.

This could be something like “best smile,” or “most improved smile” contest over the course of X months. The winner could receive a free teeth-whitening session, a free electric toothbrush, or something similar.

You could get even more technical with the blue-tooth enabled toothbrushes that have been increasing in popularity recently. Set a specific time period, and compare brushing “stats” at the end to determine a winner.

Another example is hosting a contest geared towards a specific demographic. For example, if you’re largely a family dental practice with lots of young clients, put together a coloring (or Lego-building, painting, etc.) contest for them.

Contests are also great excuses to hand out branded goodies like t-shirts, gym bags, and mugs as prizes.

Set up a scholarship

You could set up a scholarship for students pursuing a degree in dentistry. It doesn’t have to be big – even $100/semester to help out with living expenses shows that you care about giving back to your community.

This one is a great opportunity for continuing PR, as well. You could put together a photo album using periodic pictures as your sponsored student goes through school, all the way to graduation and beyond.

Looking for new dental marketing ideas? WebFX can help you develop them

Creative marketing strategies like these will help you get results and attract more attention for your practice. We hope you have success with some of these ideas, but if you need more help, WebFX is here to come up with even more dental marketing ideas, and we can provide the tools and expertise to bring them to life.

Our experienced marketers, designers, and writers will identify innovative ways to promote your practice, or take your ideas and optimize them for even better results. We offer a variety of services to develop and implement ideas for dentist video marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and other tactics that generate clicks and bring more patients through the door than you ever thought possible.

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