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Facebook is the largest social network in the world today, and with its free business page options, it’s also one of the top marketing platforms. This is true for businesses in virtually every industry, including dentists.

When your business has a Facebook page, you can create a dedicated following of people who want to support and know more about your dental practice.

So how can you turn that following into business growth?

The answer lies in your Facebook marketing strategy. With the right approach to the world’s biggest social network, your dental practice can get more patients and revenue than ever before.

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1. Testimonials

Client testimonials are one of the most effective ways to earn new patients from Facebook.

As long as you’ve helped people in the past with their dental health, and they’ve been pleased with the results — whether they came for a routine cleaning or a crown installation — it shouldn’t be difficult to get positive testimonials.

All you have to do is ask one of those customers to say a few words about their experience.

The testimonial itself doesn’t have to be long — it could be as short as a sentence or two.

But the testimonials you share on Facebook should cover the following points:

  1. What brought someone to you
  2. How you addressed their problem
  3. How you solved their problem
  4. How you made them feel

That last part — how you made them feel — is the most crucial.

This section of the testimonial could only be a few words, but it’ll show your Facebook followers that you offer something beyond basic dental care.

You offer peace of mind, comfort, understanding, compassion, and skill. And considering that going to the dentist is an experience many Americans dread, this can go a long way in getting a new client into your office.

It could be someone who goes to the dentist every six months. It might be someone who hasn’t gone to the dentist in 28 years.

Either way, your testimonials can show them that scheduling a checkup isn’t something to worry about.

The sooner you do that, the sooner you can turn your Facebook followers into loyal patients who come back to you whenever they need a regular cleaning.

That means more revenue for your practice, sustainable growth, and the potential to help even more patients in the future.

That’s a lot of benefits from just using Facebook. And since publishing basic posts is completely free, the only investment you’ll need to make is in the form of time.

But testimonials are just the beginning — there are several other Facebook marketing strategies you can use to earn new clients.

2. Add a personal element

If you only post about the health benefits of visiting a dental practice, that concept doesn’t always resonate with potential patients.

Instead, you can focus on the results of your work.


This strategy actually accomplishes two goals at once — humanizing your company and showing the results of your work.

We’ll start with humanizing your company.

Adding faces to your practice

In a larger scope, this idea is all about using faces on your Facebook page to humanize your practice. You want to show your audience that you’re not just a business — you’re a group of professionals, and you care about your patients.

This adds a human element to your company so that your followers don’t feel like they’re talking to a faceless corporation.

Instead, they’re talking to Mary, your newest dentist, or Thomas, your hygienist who’s been with you for 10 years.

Adding this human element can help potential patients feel more comfortable scheduling an appointment.

Regardless of how you approach this concept, showing the faces of your team makes your practice more relatable.

That builds the foundation for trust, which in turn lets you form a solid relationship with each individual client.

Showing faces of your happy clients

You’re not limited to your staff when it comes to humanizing your practice — you can also post your clients’ results.

This requires asking for permission, of course, but if you helped a patient get the smile they’ve always wanted, or drastically improved their dental health, sharing their results is a great way to add relatability to your testimonials and encourage client comfort.

When one of your Facebook followers sees a satisfied patient’s results, they’ll be even more confident in your ability to provide them with a great experience.

That helps cultivate a deeper sense of trust with your Facebook following, which eventually leads to new clients.

No matter how you spin it, adding a human element is good for your dental practice. By leveraging the visual opportunities Facebook gives you — images, videos, etc. — you can make your followers feel more comfortable with your practice, and as a result, more likely to book an appointment.

3. Facts and figures

Statistics often do well on social media, and your dental practice can use them to encourage your followers to make an appointment.

While data isn’t often utilized as a marketing tool for dentistry, you can put your practice’s services from a new perspective with the right statistic.

Maybe that means talking about the rate of tooth decay in today’s children compared to their parents. Maybe it’s taking a look at the warning signs of a cavity. Possibly it’s just about how eating healthy can also help your teeth stay healthy.

You can even include statistics specific to your business. What percentage of your clients say they’re satisfied with your services? Do a lot of them say the same compliments about your work?

These are all great statistics to use that illustrate the value you offer your customers.

Publishing them on Facebook also lets you use a visual element to get the attention of as many followers as possible.

We recommend using Canva, a free online image editor that makes it easy for you to visualize data with bar graphs, pie charts, and more.

Then, when you publish your statistic, your chart or graph will catch the eye of a follower scrolling through their Facebook feed. When the read the stat, they may be compelled to learn more about your practice.

This is a great persuasive method to show users why they should make an appointment with your dental practice.

Because let’s face it — some people need a concrete reason to go to the dentist.

When you post facts and figures to your Facebook page, you can give them dozens.

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