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A good website is key to the continued success of your electronic health record (EHR) company. The digital world is evolving and you need features that streamline administrative processes in the medical industry. Your web design choices must incorporate these features so your company can compete meaningfully within the industry and assist health care providers and patients alike.

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Why web design for EHR companies matters

Your web design is an integral part of your company’s online user experience (UX). A positive UX directly influences whether visitors determine your products and services worthy of their attention, money, and interest. 

Visitors develop trust with your company if they feel like your website is easy to use and navigate. When you make your site easier to figure out, you increase your likelihood of becoming the client’s final choice when they make a purchasing decision for their business.

Efficient web design is also helpful for creating a measurable framework for your company’s improvement. Consistent testing and usability tracking provide insight into any elements that are dysfunctional or inadequate.  

What to incorporate into your web design

Any element you include in your website should add to a common goal — optimizing the functionality for all who use it.

1. Intuitive navigation

Your website needs to account for how people browse online. Make every piece of necessary information easily accessible and include methods that simplify the browsing process.

Elements like a search function and a sitemap make finding information on your website quick and intuitive. Visitors need to find the answers to their questions quickly — or they’ll find them elsewhere, with a competitor. Maintain your credibility by making the journey through your website convenient.

2. Interoperability

The term “interoperability” refers to how well a system can work together with other systems. Make your website’s interface capable of integrating seamlessly with other systems that a medical provider uses for their practice’s administration processes.

3. Responsiveness

Your website needs to be responsive to a visitor’s input. Your website should feature fast loading speeds to eliminate delays and downtime, mobile optimization for patients who want to access their records on a different device, and be discoverable through search. 

4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Using search engine optimization (SEO) methods to create your website’s content is the best way to encourage organic traffic to your site. Your target audience has specific queries and you know your company can provide the right answers — incorporate SEO into your web design so users can find the info you’re sharing.

Integrate keywords into the content of your landing pages to make them appear in search engine results pages (SERPs) so that engines like Google can boost your online visibility. 

5. Optimized multimedia

Feature multimedia like images and videos on your website and use alt text to describe what they depict. When you emphasize your site’s multimedia and visual elements, you make your website more transparent for search engine crawlers that are indexing what your website offers.

Your images need to be professional and relevant to your industry. Using high-resolution optimized images positively boosts your SEO, and videos are a great way to engage site visitors and offer tutorials or additional information about a product they’re interested in.

6. Secure encryptions

As an EHR company, you control access to sensitive information. Gain trust from providers and patients by encrypting the information on your servers to keep hackers out and prevent other malicious activity. 

Strong encryption also makes it easier for providers to transfer files on the same network. A simplified exchange process streamlines the treatment times for patients and the administration within a practice.

7. Offer an FAQ page

Before a business decides to purchase from your company, the team member responsible will have questions about how your service works. The questions will determine if they make a final decision with you or choose a different company.

Make their research process more manageable by offering frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers that address their key concerns. Making your website helpful and reliable will positively affect your public reputation.

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Make your EHR company’s website today

With certain must-have elements on your website, your company offers visitors a more straightforward decision-making process. Transparency and helpfulness are qualities that will lead visitors to trust your company and become loyal clients.

To work closely with web design experts who understand the digital landscape and how best to incorporate these best practices into your website, contact us online at WebFX or call us at 888-601-5359 today. We’re ready to tailor your company’s website to drive results and increase your revenue! 

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